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Lessons Learned in 2011

This year went by so fast. Seriously, I'm not sure where it went but here we are - the last day of 2011.

So, I decided to share some lessons I learned this year. Yes, at 44 you can still learn lessons! Who knew?

Taking three classes per semester is perfect. Four is too many and I'll never make that mistake again.

Even when I thought I was being a bad mom, as witnessed by this blog post, I wasn't. Because when it came down to it and my son really needed me I took the hit on my grades and stayed with him.

I hate paperback books. Not the newer kind that are almost the same size as hard cover books. The ones that are mass market paperbacks, you know the tiny ones. The print is so freakin' small - really, who can read those? Sheesh 

Marine Biology rocks. If I had any thoughts of being a scientist this is the way I'd go. 

Signing up for the blog every day challenge was crazy stupid. Sometimes you don't have anything to say and you blog just because. Which is lame. Saying…

Happy Holidays

Christmas rocked this year! I finally got the coveted iPhone (thanks honey!) and a desperately needed camera.

Zach, as usual, made quite the haul too, but honestly the best family gift we got was the Kinnect! Erik still hasn't indulged, but Zach and I pulled our goofiness out (not hard) and danced and adventured!

Of course, Zach didn't go to sleep at all on Christmas Eve. Makes it really hard to pull a Santa. But, mission accomplished anyway. But honestly, he didn't last too long after present opening. I would put a picture here, but I downloaded them onto my iPad and can't get it to upload, even though I'm on my iPad. *sigh* Hopefully once I get my iCloud all set up!

The end of 2011 is quickly approaching and we've had a very good year here at the Caddick house. We have wonderful family and friends that have helped us when we needed it. Without them we wouldn't have survived some of the craziness, so thank you all!

Until next time ~ Kris

It's Christmas Eve!

I don't have a lot planned for today. All my shopping is done. I'm waiting for my cookie dough to set so we can make Santa's Cookies, I'm just kind of hanging out.

So, I thought I'd share a story and some pictures with you.

This is the story about how a 5th grader got to pick his own look for school picture day.

Had three shirt choices, white, light blue, and navy. He had a few background choices, gray, blue, red, purple, green. He did not have a pose choice - that was up to me (gotta keep some control, right?!).

What mom wanted - a nice haircut, navy blue shirt, gray background.

What Zach wanted: well, we'll leave that for the pictures - first black and white, and sepia (please note the crazy hair "I like it that way.") um okay - it's your picture...

It's not like these are going to go away - especially now that I put them online....

And the full wonderful color version:

Kind of hurts your eyes, huh?

Is there a lesson in all this? I don't…


Almost two months since my last post. Daaaang. Yes, stretch that out to about four seconds! Yeah, that's how it's been around here lately. Oh, and let's make it worse because I don't even have any pictures to post either! Who's rockin' the blog world now? Sheesh - I'm lame.

So, what's been going on around here?

Well, I finished my semester - which means I've been back in school for a year now! I'm going to transfer to WGU (Western Governor's University) to finish my degree. Hopefully I will have all the kinks worked out and be able to start back in February.

Zach is back home doing school. But he's not homeschooling. Let me make that clear - we are not homeschooling, we are doing public school at home. For anyone who does homeschool you will understand the difference. For everyone else - we are doing the South Carolina Virtual Charter School. It's a lot less fun than actual homeschooling, since we don't get to pick our curriculum…

Running for Cupcakes

Yesterday I ran in my first race ever Yay me!
It was a virtual race hosted by Run with Jess in honor of her 37th birthday *oh to be that young again* called The Cupcake Classic  you might remember I talked about it earlier So, with my first ever race bib
And some cupcakes made by my friend Laurie waiting for me
I hit the road!
I wish I could say I did better than my last attempt at 3.7 miles but I didn't
it took one minute longer  1:06 this time
But I had fun sweated a lot and even had Zman take a picture of me when I was done
 Maybe someday I will look good after a run!
I'm so glad I decided to do this it was so much fun! Maybe they will give a prize for the slowest - I could rock a  bondiband or sparkly skirt for an hour!

Until next time ~ Kris

How I've spent my week

I've spent my week  stressing worrying crying and staying with this dude whilst he underwent several  tests all in the name of trying to figure out what the H-E-L-L is wrong
After what seemed like "a million" tests we know what he doesn't have but not necessarily what he does have (well, except we learned he's anemic that's good to know and easy to treat!)
But after more of this we also know it's not a inflammation  that spread to his heart or lungs or eyes pretty much just in his knees
So we finally got to come home with this and he's pretty handy and quick
Monday we see the specialist for JRA and maybe get some answers for real this time

Until next time ~ Kris

On the Road Again

I've been out of my boot of shame for about a week.  Remember my boot of shame?  Of course you do and if not, here you go

So, I decided this morning (well, last night)  that I was tired of not being out on the road doing my jogging/walking/arms flailing thing
I am signed up for the Cupcake Classic

So, this morning I decided I was going to walk walk, just walk, the 3.7 miles around my little circle neighborhood (four times around plus two houses and back = 3.7 miles)
So, I didn't lace up my running shoes because I wear these which I LOVE and only got to wear once (the day I broke my foot) and I know that sounds weird but I didn't break my foot because of these actually, I had my best jog/walk/flail ever that day
So, I put on my shoes picked 'shuffle' on my iPod and headed out the door.
As soon as I hit the road my feet wanted to run I wanted to run but I didn't because I didn't want to hurt myself  and 3.7 miles is a long way (for me at least)
One lap around no running
Two laps around…

The Best Laid Plans

We had a plan. We still may have a plan. For now we are going to call it "The Super Secret Plan" (SSP) because, well, it's a secret and it's a plan. That's how we roll around here.

And it feels good to have a plan. Being 44 years young you'd think I'd somehow remember to include Murphy in our plans. Even though my dearest calls me a 'glass half empty' person, deep down I'm not. I love to think that the glass is half full - but sadly, it rarely turns out that way. 
Thanks Mr. Murphy you rock
But I'm letting all of you, my fine readers know - we are re-working SSP. And I'll share with all of you when we have a lock. Promise! This is your heads up for a random later post.
In the meantime I thought I'd share some of the things we've been doing around here.
School for me about halfway through the term Yay I'm a lot overwhelmed still but getting a grip kind of like this
but that counts ~ right? Right
Z-man's knees look like this

and the d…

My First Official Race

Today I officially signed up for my first race. Since I've been hobbling around in my boot I've had to scrap my plans for my first 5K this weekend - but I'm so excited to do this one.

It's called The Cupcake Classic and it's being hosted by Run with Jess. Thanks to my bloggy bestie Shannon M for blogging about this one - that's how I found it!

It's a virtual race of 3.7 miles to be ran/walked the week of Jess' 37th Birthday (October 17 - 23). I know I won't be ready to run the whole thing - but I'm going out there to give it a shot. I can't wait! She is also raising money for The American Cancer Society, so when you check out her page check out the ways to donate - every little bit helps.

So, expect pictures! I'm way too excited! Wonder if I could find some kind of pumpkin cupcake to enjoy when I finish.....

Until next time ~ Kris

What's on my mind

I'm not going to lie. I totally got this idea Riding the Roller Coaster. Hers is called To Whom it May Concern and you should click that link and read it. I fell in love with idea because I haven't blogged in so long, and there's always a lot on my mind - so maybe it will make more sense this way. I'm not going to guarantee that though - after all, it's me blogging!

Dear Doctor,
If I was 45 minutes late to my appointment not only would you not see me, but you would charge me for a missed appointment. Please don't give me attitude when I say I need to reschedule after waiting so long.

Dear English Professor,
I really do appreciate that you are giving me a chance to raise my grade on my first paper. With two science projects, a computer project, and math I just don't have time. Let's face it, I'm not the greatest writer so I'll take my B- and be really proud of my work.

Dear Math Professor,
When five of the six students in your class aren't ge…

What's Your Song? 9.15.11

Thursday, which means it's time to link up with Amber at Goodnight Moon for What's Your Song. I decided to still link up even though I learned this past weekend that Amber is a Michigan fan! Ah, she seemed so nice too! We decided even though we will never agree on college football, we could still get along =)  Oh and if you're reading this Ms Amber for some reason I can't comment on your song - but I really liked it!

Usually I just pick songs I like, they don't have to mean anything but today I chose this one because I have a very dear friend who's going through some rough times. So {nameless friend} listen to the beautiful voices of Wilson Phillips and Hold On! You're always in my thoughts and I love you dearly.

Until next time ~ Kris

'Ello Loves

Yes, it's me again the sporadic poster from h e double hockey sticks What can I say? I keep thinking  "I really miss blogging" and  "I really need to post something" but and doesn't it always come down to a 'but' (in form or another) hehe
So, here I am randomly posting because I feel like if I don't I will lose my freakin' mind (I know, some of you think it's already gone and some of you know it is) the truth is out there somewhere *cue X-Files theme*
I would like to say  you rock to anyone who can actually take a full course load (married, or not with kids or without) and hold the rest of your life together because I'm having trouble doing that so, if anyone can help me figure out someway anyway that I can learn how to keep learning not only would I be grateful but my husband (who's pretty sure I forgot how to cook and clean) and my son (who thinks the washer and dryer are broken) would also be grateful

Until next time ~ Kris

No Surprise

Well look who decided to make a sporadic post. Dang - school is truly kicking my butt this semester. *sigh* only 13 weeks to go.

Today I'm linking up with Goodnight Moon for What's your song.

I love this guy. I've only bought two CD's in the last five years and they are his. Seriously. I love him so much my dearest calls him my boyfriend. But I love the tone of his voice and he sings the kind of songs I love. Dang, did I say 'love' enough. You get the picture. right?

Please enjoy - No Surprise by Daughtry

Until next time ~ Kris

It's Sunday!

A new week is upon us and before I get sucked back into the school thing again I thought I better let everyone know I'm still alive! {waves}

This last week was good. Well, mostly good. Zach settled into his schedule, I settled into mine, and he even decided wearing a uniform to school was ok. Some days he didn't even change out of it when he got home - just untucked his shirt!

Tuesday was my first lab for Oceanography. Well, let me say that again - this is my first lab ever. Yep, that's right - I only had to take one year of science in high school (thanks CA for the great education!) and I took general science (no lab required). I need to find new lab partners though. Those boys ignored me. I don't know if it was because I was old or a girl (or both!!). I have smart ideas - just listen to me fools!

Wednesday I knew I was only going to get my running in if I got up at 5. Which I did. And I ran five 2 minute intervals (5K101 Week 1), without wimping out on a single inter…

What's Your Song? 8.25.11

I had a hard time deciding today. I wanted to choose something off Hollywood Vampires by LA Guns, but honestly, I love the whole album (yes, I called it an album) so much that I couldn't decide. And I do love these guys a lot:

And I love this guy a lot too:

So I decided why not combine both of them? Here it is - Kick it up a Notch by Phineas, Ferb, and Slash!

Don't you dare forget to link up with Goodnight Moon and see what everyone else is listening to today!

Until next time ~ Kris

Pour Your Heart Out: I'm a Bad Mom

Today I'm linking up with Things I Can't Say to Pour my Heart Out. Check out her link and if you comment on any of the link ups remember rule #1 - be respectful!

When did my dreams become more important than my sons future? I can't really answer that, all I know is that at some point it happened and I feel like the worst mom in the world.

Zach went to private school for K and 1st, I homeschooled him for 2nd and 3rd, and last year I put him in public school. It was during that time I needed something do to with myself, so I went back to school to follow my dream of becoming a teacher. But I feel guilty every day.

The education system here (both private and public) are terrible. And that's the nicest thing I can think to say about them. We had our issues when we homeschooled, but nothing we couldn't (or didn't) sort out.

He is really enjoying being in "regular" school, but it's easy to see why. He's "one of the brightest" in his grade.…

Last Week Was...

Crazy. Zach and I both started back to school. Zach on Tuesday and me on Thursday. By Wednesday I was so stressed out by the numskulls at the transportation office I was ready to scream. Actually, I think I might have, in my car, whilst banging my head on the steering wheel.....

Turns out my son, who has one year left in his current school, is going to the wrong school. The school the transportation office told me to send him to - up until an hour before they told me he was in the wrong school. Thank God he's a good kid and I'm a good parent, his Principal and I discussed how to work things out on Tuesdays, when I can't pick him up because I have a late Science Lab. I guess being involved pays off, even though that's not why I do it.

So far he likes 5th grade, uniforms and all! Of course, they really don't do anything the first week - so we will see how he feels next week =) Here's my little man on his first day of school...

Then it was time for me to head to s…

What's Your Song? 8.18.11

I've missed almost of month of link ups with Goodnight Moon. I'm embarrassed and ashamed.

We were on vacation for three weeks - for one of those I didn't have internet. For the other two I have no excuse. But while we were road trippin' we listened to a lot of music. Hubby has XM in his truck and since I got to pick the music the two stations of choice were Hair Nation and '80's on 8. I know you guys really didn't expect anything else, right?

So for my coming back song I picked one that I heard while traveling. I really loved it back then and I still love it (and shamelessly I remembered all the words when it came on the radio!).

Enjoy, from the year I graduated, Kyrie by Mister Mister!

Until next time ~ Kris

I'm Back!

I know I've been gone for a while - we were on vacation after all, but now we are back and school starts next week - Boo! Kidding - boo for my college classes but yay Zach will be busy again!

We had a good time - we went to Columbus to visit the Ohio Caddicks and then to Michigan to visit my dad. Unfortunately, the memory card in my camera got corrupted and I lost all my pictures. I do have a few that I took with my phone to share - but the pictures of the zoo and the family are all gone. Boo again!

But I'll share what I have - aren't you guys the lucky ones? =)

So there's part of our trip in pictures. The fun times we had are memories and now it's get back to the reality of life again!

I hope everyone whose summer is coming to an end has an awesome new school year!

Until next time ~ Kris

Road Trip!

A little stop in Fancy Gap, VA. Before I-77N did us in on our road trip.

We are traveling! Right now we are are in Ohio - and it's much nicer than being in the sweltering heat of South Carolina. Much better.

Our trip up was eventful. West Virginia is our wild card, as I like to call it. Zach man gets car sick, and the road through there is crazy windy and hilly. It's beautiful country - it just doesn't sit well with Zach. So, after about 12 hours (of a drive that should have been about 9) we finally arrived.

Today was a little recovery day. Tomorrow we are going to the zoo. After that, we don't know - it's vacation after all!

Until next time...

Running and Thinking

I know I've been an absent blogger lately. We are trying to get ready for vacation (finally!). But I have been keeping up with my C25K program and while I'm out there huffing a puffing I always manage to think.

No, not about how much I hate running. Honestly, now that I'm doing it by choice it's not so bad. However sometimes I do think about how much I hate the humidity.

This week my thoughts have been wandering to how much Catholics and LDS are the same.

WHAT? Before you run away let me explain....

1. We are both misunderstood. People think we're not Christians, people think we have weird religious beliefs, and people are unwilling to understand either one of us. Seriously - think about that. How many times have I had to say "we don't worship graven images" and how many Mormons have had to say "we believe in Jesus Christ". Just sayin'....

2. We are both perceived in a certain way - all Priests are not child molesters. I'm kind of si…

Slow and Steady....

As you may know I've been working on the Couch to 5K (C25K) for about the last month. Sadly so far I'm still on week two - but I know I have to get credit for being persistent and trying ~ right?

My goal is to run my first 5K on October 8th. Since the plan is only supposed to take nine weeks I thought I gave myself plenty of time to train and get ready. Now I'm not so sure. On days like today when I was out there just *struggling* in a bad way I kept thinking "how am I going to get this done?" Then I remembered

"Slow and steady wins the race"

OK, so I'm guessing I won't be actually winning the 5K, but it's still winning if you go out and do your level best.

I tell my son that all the time - I'm not sure why I forgot it applies to everyone.

On the weight loss front - slow and steady is working there too. I'm not going to embarrass myself and tell you how much I weigh - but I will tell you that I've lost 3 pounds since I started tr…

What's Your Song? 7.14.11

Today is my honey's birthday (happy birthday babe!)
So, in honor of his big day I chose a song for him from his favorite band 

Get ready for some serious head bangin'
Metallica  One (I tried to get the video, but it wouldn't let me embed we all know how Metallica is about their work)

Don't forget to visit Goodnight Moon and see what everyone else is listening to!
Until next time ~ Kris

Let's Talk About the SBD

I know a lot of people who have succeeded on the the South Beach Diet. I couldn't do it. I know my doctor said "do it", my husband was supportive and even did it with me! Can't beat that.


Yeah, there's something I couldn't handle about it. It really wasn't the missing pasta, bread, or whatever either. Really, it wasn't. Sure, the first day I craved Tostitos like a mad woman - but I got past that. What I was really missing was fruit.

You know, it's summertime - and fruit rocks during the summer - it's all fresh and delish....mmmm

I only lasted two and half days out of the 14 days in phase 1. I guess we could count the SBD as a

What am I going to do? I know I really need to lose weight. Starting to run has proven that to me for sure - I can't keep carrying greater than full term pregnancy weight around.

Back to WW I go. It's really the only program that has ever worked for me. Nothing at all is off limits - and that's the way it…

Embrace the Camera 7.7.11

Thursday means Embrace Day. Link up with Mrs. Anderson and check out all the other embraces going on!

We all know I have trouble getting the ever elusive embrace shot - here are some examples

But then, somehow, we manage to pull one off I love that little man

Until next time ~ Kris

What's Your Song? 7.7.11

Yep - it's Thursday. Time to link up with Amber at Goodnight Moon for What's your song? Today I am for sure playing the old school game. In honor of my birthday I'm posting the song that was number one when I was born. If I had been born a month later it would have been 'Light My Fire' by the doors - but alas, that's not the case.

The number one song on July 9, 1967 was Windy by The Association. Here you go...

Until next time ~ Kris

Back to the Beginning - almost

Well, after slacking for a couple weeks on my C25K today I went back out there and started again. So, it should have been Week One, Day 3. I figured for sure I was going to suck and be right back at week one day one - but I surprised even myself!

I realized sometime when I was slacking that I was short mileagewise. What I thought was 3.3 was actually only 2.7 *UGH* so I added one more lap around today for 3.6. So my time seems horrible {ok, it IS horrible} but now I know I'm doing enough for a 5K.

Anywho - I actually ran all my intervals today and then some! When Erik came home from PT, he even went the last lap around with me (he's the greatest!).

So, overall a very productive day! I'm not quite sure if I'm ready to move on to week two yet - I'll give it a shot on Friday and see how it goes.

Until next time ~ Kris

MilSpouse Friday Fill in #47

Hosted by Wife of a Sailor - here's your chance to learn about other MilSpouses. What an incredibly intriguing group of people!

1. Have you (spouse) ever considered joining the military and what do you think of dual military couples? submitted by Project Army Wife
Well...we spent many years as a dual military couple. So I obviously think they are incredible! It's hard because you have to decided things like "are we going to spend twice as much time apart as a couple so one of us can be home with the kids?" Which doesn't always work out anyway because well, it's the military. I could write a post about it - but I'll just say - most dual military couples really love each other and work their butts off to make their marriage work, just like anyone else. 

2. What is your idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon? submitted by A Few of My Favorite Things
Having all the laundry and homework done so I can just stick my nose in a book and not have to be bothered! 

3. What do…

Embrace the Camera 6.30.11

Last week I spent some time pulling all those little memory cards out of cameras and downloading the pictures. It's absolutely amazing what you find! I think I found some pictures from two years ago at Disney! But those are not Embrace photos - they are just of Zach!

I did find this little number on Zach's camera card though. He is much better at snapping those arms outstretched pictures than I am. Maybe his arms are longer? Who knows? I'm not even sure when this picture was taken - sometimes I'm a bad photo downloader!

Don't forget to get yourself in the picture! Then link up with Emily over at The Anderson Crew.

Until next time ~ Kris

What's Your Song? 5.12.11

Time to link up with Amber at Goodnight Moon for what's your song.

Once again I had no problems picking this week. I was out running errands and heard this song somewhere  that I was. It made me remember that I really loved this song and it was released at a time when I needed to cut someone bad out of my life. So it was a perfect song for me then. I still love it - you've got to at least chair dance when you hear it!


Until next time ~ Kris

What's Your Song? 6.30.11

The last song link-up for June. My son may think time is dragging - but me - no way - this year is just cranking along at a much faster pace than I'd like!

I love linking up with Amber at Goodnight Moon on Thursdays - I love checking out the music everyone is listening to. I also have a blast trying to pick something each week. Today though, I picked a song that used to be my ring tone. Bring Me to Life by Evanescence - I love this song!

*disclaimer - I thought I posted this song before but couldn't find it. If I did I'm sorry! Old people - you have to watch out for us, we tend to repeat ourselves!*

Until next time ~ Kris


This past weekend we were lucky enough to have the Ohio Caddick's stop by for a couple of nights. Shannon is awesome - she's going with three kids from Ohio to SC, GA, and Texas (well, of course back to Ohio too!). Safe travels Shannon!!

So, while we had the cousins together in one place you know I had to take pictures.

This is Adda Paige. She's growing up so fast - and smart....dang that girl is bright!
 This is Kayla. She's really not as mean as she looks BUT she is 13!!
 Austin and Adda

Uncle Erik having a tea party with Paiger.

And here's the group Kayla, Austin, Zach and Paiger Good lookin' kids, huh?
So sad to see them leave - but we are going to go "up north" and visit them after I get out school. Yay!
Until next time ~ Kris