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6 months down

Well, we are six months into 2017 - I can't believe it!

Zach has finished his sophomore year. I've started saving for all those "senior things" because I know that will be here before I know it. He did very well and I'm proud of him for taking on brick and mortar after so many years of homeschooling. That kid is pretty awesome.

Some of my most recent crochet projects:

Another thing I've been doing since mid April is virtual challenges/races. I found a site called Yes.Fit and I really love it! I've completed three challenges since I started:

Currently I'm working on Kruger National Park (117 miles).
I also found a couple other  sites Will Run for Bling - where I'm working on the 100 Days of Summer 200 Mile Challenge (16.8 miles done so far!); and Moon Joggers where I have signed up for a few races: 4 for the 4th of July; Total Eclipse of the Sun Run; and Ugly Sweater 5K (or 10K - I have until December to decide).
Let's just be clear here - I do…