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Fathers Day

I'm typing this the day before Fathers Day, while I sit at my dads bedside at the hospital. He's resting now, and I'm glad I have my iPad (which means very little formatting folks, sorry). On June 4th I got a call from my dads neighbor. She felt I needed to get home right away. By the 8th Erik, Zach, and I were sitting at my dads house in Michigan, wondering how we were going to force a grown man to go to the hospital. OK, Zach wasn't wondering that, just me and Erik. Last Sunday he finally caved and said he needed to go to the emergency room. It's still touch and go, day by day, and I hope he gets well enough to be loaded in the car and packed to SC where I can take care of him. So, those of you who are lucky enough to still have your fathers please remember to call them. I'm grateful mine is still hanging in there. Until next time ~ Kris