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{Teenager in the House!}

As much as I want to get all mushy about my son. How he turned into a teenager in, what seems like, the blink of an eye. How he's now taller than me (ok, not that hard to do!). I won't. Not this year anyway.

We couldn't really go anywhere for his birthday this year. If we'd planned a party it would have been iced out. So, we did the best we could with what we had to celebrate this milestone.

We counted down to the big day. We did a treasure hunt for his presents. In the end, this kid who doesn't eat cake or ice cream, asked for homemade pizza for dinner and we had a great day. As an added bonus his birthday this year actually fell on President's Day so I didn't make him do school on his birthday either! OK, I never make him do school on his birthday (I'm a sucker like that).

{Ice Storm 2014}

The weatherman said it was coming.

I laughed at him because he's always wrong.

He said "get ready - it's going to be bad."

I mocked him for crying wolf - again.

Then, for the first time in I don't know how long, he was right.

We lost power for 44+ hours.

We played a multitude of dusty board games.

We spent time in the van watching DVD's while charging electronic devices.

We made coffee and cooked food on our camp stove.

We made it through just a little cold and smelly (because this girl doesn't take cold showers unless she's in a combat zone).

And I even managed to take a few pictures!