Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Parent Teacher Conference Workshop

*how I learned to be the troublesome parent without seeming like the troublesome parent*

I attended a Parent/Teacher conference workshop yesterday where a whole 2 of us showed up to learn how to be more involved in our child's education. It was sad testament, I think, that showed how parents seem to think school is a babysitter or rely on the school system to educate their children without taking any responsibility themselves. I know that a lot of parents are single parents who work, I get that, I really do - but I also know there are a lot of parents who don't - many more than just two of us. I'm not going to soapbox this to death, but I couldn't let it pass without saying something.

I didn't learn a lot of new stuff, but I did learn that what I'm doing already is not only good, but highly encouraged! See, no worries, stalking is OK! LOL Seriously though, I seemed to be involved the perfect amount. Too bad my volunteer packet got approved, now I'm just going to be involved more! So, it's good to keep the lines of communication open (now I even email the teachers - they respond quicker that way!), ask what I can do at home to help (check), and volunteer as much as I possibly can (check - signed up to work the book fair next month and will be doing more once I go through orientation).

In the meantime, I've been told to relax by his reading teacher, keep hammering multiplication tables by his math teacher, and keep doing whatever it is I'm doing by his science and social studies teachers.

Interims were issued and he is A/B (B's in math and reading - no surprises there), so I know he's adjusting well, and didn't end up too far out of the loop because of homeschooling! Maybe I can relax a little now. I still think he's capable of straight A's, I really do, but perhaps we will work our way up to that point! Or perhaps he isn't and I just think he is because I KNOW he HAS to be the smartest kid in the whole world! It's such a fine line......

And finally, a small conversation I had with Zach the other day:
"Do you know that at Cherryvale a 'D' is passing?"
'Yes, sweetie, a 'D' IS passing, but not acceptable and if you get a 'D' you will lose everything except your bed and books.'
"But (his new 'friend') said it was passing and OK to get one."
'Not in this house. And you aren't allowed to hang out with (___) anymore.'

Until next time ~

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our Mini Vacation

Today we just got back from a four day trip to Hilton Head Island! This is the first time any of us have been there and it was a blast! We used our vacation club membership to stay at Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort. The place was super nice with a WAY more relaxed atmosphere than DisneyWorld! We had a few touches in our room that only come with staying on a Disney property:

From Hilton Head 2010

We also had an excellent view of the marsh grasses and inland waterway from our balcony:

From Hilton Head 2010

Our first night was pretty uneventful. We arrived, went to the Piggly Wiggly to pick up some food for our stay and settled in. As Zach was enjoying the jacuzzi bathtub the phone rang. It was the front desk - did we know our spa was pouring into the room below, they asked? Nope. So, we spent the next morning packing and moving to a new room - then we spent a few hours at the pool,

From Hilton Head 2010

checked out a hammock (which was made in Greenville, NC - where Zach was born!),

From Hilton Head 2010

and played some Goofy Bingo!!

From Hilton Head 2010

From Hilton Head 2010

From Hilton Head 2010

The next day we hit the beach!
From Hilton Head 2010

After a little too much fun in the sun we relaxed the night away, painfully -
From Hilton Head 2010
From Hilton Head 2010

My future beach bum decided one day wasn't enough, but he was torn - beach or pool? We decided both - a couple hours at the beach, a couple hours at the pool. This was the day we found a live sand dollar (I've only ever seen dead ones!), and a pod of dolphins swimming very close to the shore. Much to my freaking outedness, a fish also jumped from the water a few feet in front of me! Not a fan of fish - so I was ready to go pretty much right after that. My ever earth minded son decided not to keep the sand dollar as it's "a living creature and deserves to keep living it's life in the ocean." I love him even more for that and he made me think that I would have probably kept it if I was his age. I felt a little bad about that.
From Hilton Head 2010

From Hilton Head 2010

We finished off with Zach doing a Mickey Tie Dye. As you can tell by most of my Zach pictures, he LOVES the tie dye!
From Hilton Head 2010

From Hilton Head 2010

From Hilton Head 2010

From Hilton Head 2010

All he could say was "That turned out so AWESOME!" I think it did too!

We had a blast and Zach asked if we could go back next year! If we do it will have to be during the summer though....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Crazy August

OK - just one more post this weekend and then I'm done - PROMISE!!

I forgot to tell you about our August - it was a blast! For one week we went from three in the house to eight in the house! That can be quite an adjustment but it was awesome! My dad and nephew David were here from Michigan, and we also had Kayla, Austin, and Addison (our nieces and nephew) from Georgia for a few days. I don't think the house was ever silent!

Since David lives in Missouri and the Georgia group were on their way to Ohio, we decided to go to Myrtle Beach one day. Now, Myrtle Beach in the summer is horrific! So much traffic, so many people - but we figured when else would we have everyone together, really? So off we went!

Traveling (even for a couple hours) with a 16 month old is harder than I remembered. When we moved from North Carolina to Washington Zach was about that age - and I must only remember the good parts of the trip! But, we finally made it and hit the beach!! Addison LOVES the beach. Little daredevil girl wanted to be out with the boys jumping in the waves! The water was so warm. We've been there in May and October, and the water ranged from chilly to cold but this time it was almost like bath water.

Sadly, our day was cut short. We were there for about two hours when a nasty storm rolled in and they cleared the beach. But the time we spent there was wonderful, and hopefully the kids will remember the "quick trip" to Myrtle Beach as they sit through the cold Ohio and Missouri winters!

Having everyone here was super fun and completely enjoyable. A few very late nights with Addison, a lot of boys running around and yelling, and a girl who was trying to be happy about leaving all her friends and starting 7th grade someplace new. I wouldn't trade that week for anything!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Updates from here

Well, I figured it was probably time for a REAL update - not my random messing around and touting the wonderfulness(?) of my reusable Swiffer Dusters!

Life is going great! Erik is inching ever closer to retirement (we are now under two years!) and my housekeeping skills have improved greatly in the last couple months. I totally miss homeschooling Zach though.

School - what to say about school. Zach is really enjoying it, I’m really stressed about it but, open house went well. We do still have some issues with timed tests (well, test taking in general), but that wasn’t something I made a huge deal out of whilst homeschooling. I treated his tests the same as his regular work because he test stresses like me.

He has decided that he wants to join the Planet Earth Club. They meet twice a month and talk about recycling, alternate energy, renewable resources, you get the idea here. He is my little earth protector man. I am also hoping they will do some projects.

Speaking of projects - the first school project has been assigned. It is a Native American Project. He even gets to make something to show about the tribe he selects. He wants to do three tribes right now, so we are working on narrowing down so we can get started.

Cub Scouts! We held a recruiting night at one of the schools and DOUBLED our pack!! We now have 48 boys, up from 24 last year. Now I am officially going to be the Tiger Cub leader this year. Tigers are the first grade boys - it’s their first year of scouting. That is the fun age, so I don’t mind so much! Our first ACTUAL meeting is next Tuesday and fingers crossed that it goes well. I have a great September planned!

And that’s it from the Caddick Clan! Until next time,

What is this?

In my never ending quest to keep FLYing I have discovered this -

Anyone who owns a Swiffer duster will probably guess what it is! But just in case -

I found these on Etsy. I'm sure if you are crafty you could make them yourself, but since I'm not I have to rely on the crafty people to do it for me! They are made of fleece and completely reusable. I got three for the same cost as a box of disposable refills so I've already saved money (and landfill space!). The best part is they work great!

So, I'm still taking my babysteps to get my house in order. I think I'm doing a pretty good job (except the BIG scratch I put on the counter - OMG that really sucked!).

'Til next time -

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Goofing Off

Since quiet is still the theme of the week I thought I'd try a slide show too! Shannon has inspired me to learn to do more things with my blog and since I can't vacuum or do laundry or any really useful things I'm taking the time to learn something new!

So, here is a pretty lame, but short (thankfully!), slideshow of how the painting of my house is going!! Enjoy!!!

I'm thinking it needs more work on the size but it will do for now!