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Watch Out Middle School!

It's official, Zach is a 6th grader. Well, after about three more days of school. Tomorrow he goes on the 5th grade tour of his new middle school, then a couple days next week, and elementary school is behind us. *sigh*  Do you think it was easier when it was Jr. High and parents got to hang on to elementary school for one more year?

I knew it was coming. I just can't believe it's arrived. And I always get a heads up. My bloggy bestie's oldest is one grade ahead of Zach, so when she says "an official 7th grader" I know I have an official 6th grader on deck. The time still goes so fast. But, I'm not here to have my eyes start sweating again - nope I'm here to tell you what a fabulous year Zach ended up having.

To say it was a tough year would be the understatement of the year. At one point I even thought about holding him back in 5th. But after conferences with the counselor, principal, and his teachers it was decided that would be, well, a dumb move.

Embrace the Camera 5.24.12

Today is Zach's 5th grade promotion ceremony. He's excited, I'm a little freaked out! We will embrace that next week!

This week we have an awesome shot of my two favorite guys. Mr. Hubby looking all spiffy in his blues (which he NEVER wears!) and my not so baby boy!

And it wouldn't be an embrace without some shots of my boy and I! (me and the boy?) hmmm

Until next time ~ Kris

Time for a Change

It's officially official, my husband will be retiring.

This completely scares the crap out of me for several reasons.
1. Paycheck (I'm not going to lie - we have bills!)
2. Medical (I know we'll still have tricare - but it's different when you retire)
3. I've always been a military something - daughter, wife, active duty - and honestly, NOT being a military something is going to be a completely new way of life for me. After almost 45 years, yes that freaks me out.

We sat down and figured out a timeline (which I will keep quiet about for now because if you say it somehow the military will find a way to change it!) and a monetary plan to keep us afloat "just in case". On a side note here - people, don't wait for this! Even if it's $10 a month put something aside. All the financial guru's say this but I never listened. Here I am, a real person, saying do it!

So we have the when. Now for the where. We are still in negotiations about that. I know i…


I have been trying to be more domesticated. I'll wait while those who really know me laugh, rolling on the floor. Go ahead - I'll give you a few minutes.

I found a blog, through a friend on Pinterest (I think) called The Virtuous Wife. This lady is awesome. She bakes her own bread, makes these freezer meals, homeschools. Generally all those things I think about doing, but don't. Check her out - she's not snotty about her ways, it's just how she is and that's great.

So after checking out her freezer meals for weeks (or maybe months) I decided to give some of them a shot. Honestly, I get tired of cooking dinner - but if all I have to to do is thaw and throw it in the oven or crockpot, yeah, I'm on that. I made a few of them this past payday. So far all her recipes I've tried have been awesome. Next time we will do a little tweaking, just to suit our tastes, but there were none that we were like "Oh my this is disgusting!". That's a good thin…

Embrace the Camera 5.10.12

Saturday we had one of those Southern storms. You know the kind - 5 minutes of rain, wind, and hail that seems to hit only your neighborhood (and the neighborhood across the street!) and then leaves you without power for 6 hours. Except for the no power I would have loved it - I love storms.

Hour 3 - hot and bored we decided to take a trip to WallyWorld. We ended up spending about an hour there. Yeah, it was hot at the house!

So we made our way home where power should have been restored and waiting for us! Nope - it was still going to be two more hours! So after some more boredom and lots of candles Zach and I decided goofing off with flashlights was the way to go.

Now run, get your camera and get your Embrace on with Mrs. Anderson!

Until next time ~ Kris

Pour Your Heart Out ~ Forty-Seven

47. How old my sister would be at the end of the month. 41. The age my sister will always be. Now I'm the oldest, when I should be the middle.

Anyone who knows me, knows I think my sisters husband killed her. No, I don't have proof, just a feeling. Maybe it was how cold he was during that early morning phone call. Maybe it was the fact that he was shopping for boats the night of her funeral. Maybe it's because his first wife also died young, of the same thing. Either way, it's always been a nagging thing for me. I can't shake it.

For the first year after she was gone I swear I heard her in my ear all the time ~ in the shower, trying to fall asleep, driving to work. "Get him Kristin Pee" she said. But I couldn't. The coroner's report said natural causes. This hard to accept statement really put me back into little sister mode. Somehow I've let her down again. I don't hear her anymore - I think she's given up on me.

I'm a big believe…

Embrace the Camera

I'm bad about embracing. I'm bad about blogging lately too. There's so much going on right now and a lot of it I'm not allowed to share until a certain number of things happen ~ or don't happen. Either way my bloggy hands are tied.

I do take pictures though but I usually forget to post them so today I'll share some of our Embrace moments.

Embracing at the zoo during spring break

Embracing on of the last lunches in Elementary School. Can I cry yet?
Link up with Miss Emily and get your embrace on too!

Until next time ~ Kris