Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When did it come to this?

Today as I was washing my hands at the kitchen sink, with my special "kitchen" handsoap I began to wonder - 'When did this happen?' Which of course led me on a trip down memory lane and BOOM! Here I am blogging about it!

When did we get brainwashed into thinking we need special soap on each sink of the house? When I was little (and yes, I know, it was a long time ago!) if I washed my hands at the kitchen sink, I used the dishsoap that was there. We didn't have a bottle of lemony fresh, anti-bacterial soap with moisture beads! We also had a regular bar of soap on our one sink, in our one bathroom. I don't think I used it that much - I was more of a rinse and then wipe the mud I just made on the towel girl - but still. We have six bathroom sinks and a kitchen sink. I know that liquid handsoap isn't extremely pricey, but when you start multiplying by 7 it adds up pretty fast. And why does EVERY kind of soap have to be anti-bacterial? Aren't we killing the germs when we use any soap and water? Seriously. Who decided that we didn't know how to wash our hands correctly? Why do we believe them?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I understand - raw eggs - bad. An actual memory - yes. Eat the cookie dough, taste it, make sure it's good, sometimes make actual cookies out of them. Millions of kids have done it - and lived. I bet secretly millions of people still do it, but won't admit it. They are probably afraid they will get turned in for endangering their kids. The best part of mom making the cake was getting the beaters. It still could be if everyone wasn't so freaked out about every little thing.

The other day Zach said to me "You're life must have been boring when you were a kid." Mainly because of all the technology that exists now. But I told him "no, you're life is boring." It was so much better when everything was simpler.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I think it's really summer

The weather here has been stupid hot for the last few days. I think we just skipped spring and went right to summer! Somehow during the winter I always forget how humid it is....

We are still plugging away at school. Twenty something days left! For some reason I'm obsessed with finishing the books. I'm not sure why - I know they don't finish them in the schools - Zach brought workbooks home at the end of the year in 1st. So I'm not sure why I feel we must.

Hubby is out with the Boy Scouts this weekend. They are camping and doing Boy Scout stuff. In a few years Zach will be going out there with him. For now we have to go out with him. But that's quite alright - we usually have fun when we go.

Speaking of camping...next week we are going camping for three nights. Hopefully we planned it early enough so it's not too stinking hot - but warm enough to enjoy the lake. We are going with our friends Nicole and Chad and their kids. We all went together camping for Thanksgiving and had a wonderful time so I wouldn't expect anything less this time.

Anyway, with Erik out for the weekend I'm tempted to pick some random color for the living room and let the pieces fall where they may when he gets home!! We did pick out a color but I'm not sure I'm loving it. I never thought paint color would be one of the toughest decisions ever! I guess since I know Zach's bathroom color I could go get the paint for that and get it done! We'll have to see how I feel about that.... It would be nice to get rid of some of the color splotches all over the house!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Remembering Mom

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. In July I will have been without my mom for four years. I know many people have been without their mom's for much longer. I wonder how they've managed so long. This year I am missing my mom terribly.

My mom wasn't perfect, but she was wonderful. She taught me so much. Sometimes I can still hear her in my head when I'm trying to make a decision. I didn't always listen to her when she was alive - and I still don't! She (like most of my family & friends) would have hated the fact that I homeschool. I think she's looking down saying "Ok, maybe you were right this time." LOL Naw! What she's saying is "Get your butt back to work to pay for Catholic School!" Sorry Mom!

I was never my mom's favorite "too outspoken", "too stubborn" she would say. That's OK too. As I grew older we ended up being friends too. Those 'bad' qualities ended up being some of the things she really loved when I grew up and was on my own. - when I wasn't being 'stubborn' or 'outspoken' under her roof anymore!! She always knew that any decision I made I would end up taking responsibility for (and believe me there were lots of very bad decisions!). She knew that I would be OK no matter what.

My mom left this world with three children, nine grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. In the last four years we have added one more grandchild and two more great grandchildren to this family. It makes me sad that she will never get to know the newest members of her family in person. I firmly believe she knows them, loves them, and has seen them. Her family was her life - they still are.

So Mom - thank you from the bottom of my heart. For everything - the good and bad, the ugly, the car games as we travelled across Texas, my 6th birthday at the Grand Canyon. Thank you for giving me life during a time when you were alone and afraid you would be a widow with two young kids. Thank you for loving me enough to drive the back roads from MI to NC so I wouldn't have be alone with my new baby. For whisking me out of Abraham Lincoln's House when I asked how come Mary and Abe had separate rooms!

I miss you mom. I miss hearing your voice for real. I miss not being able to share Zach's accomplishments with you. I miss not having someone to cling to when crossing the Macinaw Bridge! I miss everything about you.

I love you mom. I always have and I always will. Happy Mother's Day.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Random Ramblings

I think overall, I had a pretty productive couple of weeks. You guys know how hard it is for me to be productive - but I've been trying!!

I got Zach's curriculum ordered for next year. Some stuff I already have (math, history) so it really didn't end up costing me as much as I had anticipated. Woo-Hoo!! Spending less than you expected is always a good thing! Plus, April was the month for all the stuff I ordered to either be on sale, or have free shipping. That free shipping stuff rocks!! I also took the time to schedule out for the stuff we have, so I only have to schedule out a few things when they come in. Maybe I will get a summer break after all!

Paint color has been picked for the classroom/playroom and Zach's bathroom. I think Lowe's is having a rebate on Olympic paint this month. I'll have to check. For the record - I really hate the Valspar, but it seems the colors we like are all Valspar. I'm taking my paint chips to the Olympic side of Lowe's and match them! Also, I learned the hard lesson - prime first! I thought it would be ok if I didn't, but it was so much harder. So from here on out tinted primer first! By the way - blue for both those rooms! Everyone has been freaking out because I'm letting Zach pick the colors for 'his' rooms - but he's actually doing a good job!

I've been keeping up with my dishes, bed making, and laundry. Sadly, I haven't started doing any of the other FLYlady stuff - so I have to go back to day 6 and start again from there. I felt so good about keeping up with those things that I kept ignoring the rest of what needed to be done. No more! I'm going to start working on the rest of the house. I know it will not get done in a month (or two!) but I know I can get it all accomplished if I just work at for an hour a day. I just have to remember "Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family." I need to post that in every room so I don't forget!

I had to order the end of year CAT test for Zach. Erik makes me test him - and I guess I can understand his position but I think I've said this before - it really isn't fair to him or me. I'm not teaching him the same curriculum that is taught in Public School - and yet he's making me prove I'm doing what PS does. It's annoying and frustrating. It makes me feel like he thinks I'm not going to do my best and teach Zach what he needs to know. Seriously, I would hate for PS to be the standard in this house. I'd have to dumb down everything we do. Anyway, so when I asked "Why" here's my hubby's answer - "Because if you want to homeschool you have to and if you don't send him to public school." WTF! Really? That's all you're giving me? URG!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Room 2 Finished!

Zach's room is done! I think it turned out pretty good. It's called Tree Frog Green.