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Poor Zach

Mr. Zach has not been having a very good week. They did the writing PASS test Tuesday - and he dislikes writing even more than History - and seriously, that's a lot!

He had a mini science project due, on matter, that we had to make a treat as the end result. We chose mini brownies (our first attempt!) and they actually came out very good. I even managed to get all the egg shells out that found their way into the batter (he's not a very good egg breaker!)!

The assignment (which counts for two grades) could be done on power point, and I figured he may as well learn how to put a basic slide show together. So, we sat down, I walked him through the first couple slides and turned him loose. I'm no expert, so I was so glad I took that basic computer class last semester!

Then we burned the show to a dvd and sent it in with the brownies today. I checked the disc three times, the presentation was there. He tells me after school the disc was blank! WHAT? I can only guess it has somet…