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{Happy December!}

So today I get a call from a credit card company. A phone call they received seemed suspicious and please could I call them. OK, I can do that. But first - online to my account - yipes! Do people really order that much stuff from Grub Hub? Oh, and what is Grub Hub? So I call company X back - and my December starts off beautifully. I wrote a lot during the duration of the calls. Yes, several, because I had to call them back. Below, you'll find all my notes to myself while waiting on hold, being giving the run around, and trying to figure out how someone who seemed suspicious was able to change information. Sadly, I never got answers to those questions. I'm withholding the name of the card company.

~ XX cards - sucks

~ A phone call triggered a fraud yet you let someone set up a payment? Greedy much??

~ "Advisor Assisted" when all other payments show "internet"

~ Question their security - they get highly emotional. Run around. 2 hours on phone. Suddenly worrie…