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Budgeting Bliss?

I've been following Jill over at Hagler Happenings for a while now. Recently she's been posting about getting her financial house in order. It must be in the air because not only are we trying to gain back some control, but I have a dear friend who is doing the same thing. I think we are all going about it a little differently, well, ok I think Jill and Laurie are going about the same way - I'm the different one, natch!

They are using the Dave Ramsey method but I chose You Need a Budget (YNAB). I'm not sure what drew me to this program but something about it clicked with me, and I guess that's the most important thing when you are trying to keep your money under control! Do what works for you.

The program isn't free ($60 for use on all the computers in your house), but they do have a 34 day free trial, which I'm using right now. I did fork out the $4.99 for the iPhone app though. I know you're thinking "Why spend money on something you could manage…