Sunday, June 22, 2014

{The Art of (mis)Communication}

It happens to anyone who actually speaks with another person. Something is said and either misunderstood or misheard. If this has never happened to you raise your hand. That's what I thought, nary a hand in the air.

Erik and I are pretty good about communicating. I learned very early in our relationship to choose my battles wisely. That's why I'm learning more about soccer, football, and NASCAR than I ever wanted to know! It's not a big deal to me. I like to save my battles for flooring, or vacations. Big things =)

So, the other day when we had the following conversation it cracked me up so much (and now I'm forcing the probably not-as-funny-as-I-think story on you!).

Me - "We're having roast and potatoes for dinner."
Erik - "That's all?"

This is one of his favorite meals. I'm confused. How could this not be enough? After over 20 years together he's got to know I'm not going to cook up a five course meal, right? Right? "He's got to be pulling my leg," I think. So I try again.

"Roast and potatoes, I thought you liked them."
"But what else are you serving?"

Hmm super confused because this is literally the last meal in the house. What else could he possibly want? I don't want to argue about dinner because after all, he's getting what I make anyway. Know what I mean?

Back in the kitchen I go with all these random thoughts going through my head before I realize what really happened.

"We're having roasted potatoes for dinner." That's what he heard.
Mystery solved.

Monday, June 16, 2014

June Trip

Our June trip can be read about at Life on Planet Caddick

You should go read about our fun and clumsy times hanging out at the hotel! We get dangerous and silly when we're bored!

Last week we also attended the high school graduation of a dear friend. Zach wants a graduation ceremony, so I think I might lose him to regular high school when the time comes. I'm going to hope that doesn't happen, but will do my best to be supportive if it does. *sigh* Why do they have to grow up so fast?

{Myrtle Beach & Firetrucks}

We don't go to Myrtle Beach nearly enough. We live close enough, it's just that our lives were consumed with AF junk, and Scouting junk so we never had the free time to go. Truth is - this wasn't free time for Erik either. He attended the South Carolina Firefighters Conference (or something like that) for work. His job paid for the hotel room and Zach and I were told we could tag along. So we did. A tank of gas and some food for a night at MB? Um, yes please.

Friday morning, bright and early (for me and the boy - we're night owls) we headed up to Myrtle. Got there in plenty time for Erik to hit the booth for his shop. Zach and I wandered for a little while, but lets face it - Erik is the Firetruck (yes, we capitalize Firetruck in this house) guy. But we support him and let's face it a business trip to the beach rather than the sandbox is awesome!

Here are some shots of what Heaven looks like to my husband:

Here's what Zach and I do while Erik is enjoying his Firetruck Heaven:

The hotel was nice. Zach and I were bored, so I found Starbucks and hit it up for a Mocha Frap and a bottle of water. Zach clumsy moment #1 - he mis-stepped coming down the stairs, fell a couple steps, hit his head on the metal handrail. Normal Zach walking down steps thing. Except we're in a hotel filled with first responders. Yep, what could have been handled with a couple quiet moments on the stairs by me turned into an overwhelming amount of help. I'm ashamed to admit but I was embarrassed. He does that all the time - he acts like he's dying every time - he just needs to be calmed down. He doesn't need an icepack or x-rays. Props though - those guys were quick and caring. Rock on first responders!

Zach and I decided to go swimming, which led to moment two: Scraping the tops of his toes on the bottom of the pool. Yes, we weren't that close to the beach so we just hit the hotel pool. Either it was more shallow than usual or it's been a long time since he's been in a pool. Thankfully all the first responders were in classes so I got to handle that one on my own!

Later, in the room we were all chillin' before we headed to Boardwalk at the Beach. Zach got up off the bed and smacked his shoulder on one of the decorative prints hanging on the wall. Yep, you guessed it - he knocked it off the wall. At least it didn't break! I was thinking about wrapping him in bubble wrap before we left the room though! Overall, Friday was pretty eventful.

Saturday, Zach and I went 'Minotaur' golfing at a place some guy named Steven (who has a You Tube Channel) golfed at. Yes, that's the course I had to find out of all the courses in MB. There are hundreds, believe me! But I did find it, and later Zach said we played the wrong set of holes (there were two choices) he still had a good time and thought it was cool that he played mini golf where someone he considers 'famous' once played. I'm glad sometimes the little things still make him happy!

A quick but fun trip to the beach city. Next year Zach and I will probably go stay longer so we can actually go to the beach!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Personal Finance Homeschool Style

Now that the boy is 13 we've opened a teen checking account for him. Before this he had a prepaid card and I just put his scant allowance on it each month and pressed forward. The problem was, he still wasn't figuring out what to do with his money. Since we are getting our house in financial order I figured it was a great time to teach him too.

We don't have a curriculum. For things like this all you need is perseverance, patience, and something else that starts with a 'P'! I kid - just some common sense helps.

He has a savings account already, so when he was old enough we made our way to the bank to get that checking account started.  When we got home I made a separate budget for him in our budgeting program, taught him how to make categories for things he wants/needs (ok just wants at this point - we take care of the needs, he is still a kid after all), and how to check how much money he had before he spent it. When the statement came we reconciled.

We opened the account in February and he is very good about checking his balances. He still needs to be reminded to reconcile. We're getting there though. Hopefully by the time he's ready to spread his wings he'll have a good grasp on spending only the money you actually have. I'm not afraid to talk to him about credit card debt. He understands how sales tax and interest works. He even remembers to add sales tax when he's figuring out if he can buy something.

None of this stuff is life shattering math. Simple addition, subtraction, multiplication. But when we started we got so many comments about what we are doing. How it's not taught in school, it's a skill all kids should have, and how great it is that we are taking the time to do it.

With all the online banking out there, I'm glad we chose a local branch to work with. He's getting to know the tellers and sometimes I have to do the throat clearing thing to get him to quit being so chatty. Those personal connections are as important as the financial information he's learning.