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It's 2010!!

At least it is in my little corner of the world! I wanted to post to my blog days ago, but I wasn't sure what to discuss. Do I talk about the past year in the world, country, state, or just my life? Then I decided on something else - the things I never thought would happen to me. But first I will say we had a very 'normal' year with a few very bright spots. Here they are:
1. My husband was only gone for about three months this year instead of the normal six, eight, or whatever.
2. We went on some fun trips - Myrtle Beach, DisneyWorld, and the awesome Thanksgiving Weekend Camping Trip in Rock Hill!
3. Finally, blessedly, we have settled on a homeschool curriculum. While it leaves me at odds when it comes to surfing the web it has greatly improved the whole homeschool experience. At least I still have the whole 4 or 5 day and year-round schedule to think about!!
4. I made one of the best friends I've had in a long time.
5. We finally belong to a Cub Scout pack t…