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What's on Kris' Phone November 30

Sadly, I don't have hardly any pictures this week. maybe because we were camping and my phone died? hmmm
I do have a few to share though

This is my Zach-Man looking all growed up in his Webelos uniform. He's so going to be a heartbreaker someday (just like his daddy was before I captured him and held him hostage - oops I mean married him!)

From Drop Box
This here little cutie is Emma my youngest niece - well not my actual niece, but my nieces daughter (which I guess makes her my grandniece - eep! how 'bout we don't go there?!)

For some reason this picture has disappeared.  From my web album too.  Trust me it was too freakin' cute!!

Who be this Motley Bunch? These are my nieces and nephews who live in Phoenix, on Thanksgiving. Actually, all the younger kids are 'grands'(but we're not going there!). And the legs on the couch belong to - well, I don't know - but I'm assuming it's my niece's husband!

From Drop Box
And finally here is my man setting …

2nd Annual Thanksgiving Weekend Camping Trip

As many of you know, we spent our Thanksgiving camping. Last year we went with our friends Chad and Nicole to the Charlotte area and it was cold and nasty!
Being the gluttons for punishment that we are - we decided to try again this year! For 2010 we decided to head south though. See, we can learn from our mistakes! We headed down to the Beaufort area for this years excursion. Here's a recap of the 'Caddick/Olexa 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Weekend Camping Trip'!
We arrived on Wednesday and set up camp. O.K. I use the term "camp" loosely - both our families have very large tents and screen rooms. We only consider it 'roughing it' because we actually do sleep in tents! The weather was awesome. High 70's and sunny.
Thursday the weather was equally awesome. In the 80's and still sunny. The kids played at the playground all day. Good thing nice showers come standard at KOA! For Thanksgiving dinner we had all the goodies - Turkey, Stuffing, Mas…

Camping has Been Fun

I'm trying to post this from my phone so I have no idea how it's going to turn out!

So far our camping trip has been fun. Until today the weather was gorgeous! Today it started raining and hasn't stopped yet. Yuck!

I have taken some pictures and will share when we get back.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Until next time ~

Embrace the Camera - Embrace Thankgiving

Happy Thansgiving from us! A wonderful camping family shot. Sorry there is no button this week...

What's on My Phone

Before I get all random on you with my phone pictures you have got to go check out my friends blog. She posted a wonderful entry about what she is Thankful for - I'm proud to say she's my friend!
O.K. on to the phone photos of the week. Drum roll please.....
Food is first! I love the Chicken Salad Sandwiches at Mary Ann's. I don't get to go there very often so I had to have a picture of it! Mountain Dew White Out. This is now my second favorite Dew - it falls into place right behind Diet Code Red. If they made this stuff diet, it would soar right to the top!

This picture shows the reason I should be banished from the library! (I didn't even read all of them but I did keep them for the whole 2 week period in hopes that I would!)

Anyone remember this guy ----------> (other than me, of course!) It's Rick Springfield! For all you young 'uns out there he had a hit song called Jessie's Girl and starred on General Hospital as Dr. Noah Drake. It was a lon…

This Rocks!

One of my dear friends that I was stationed with at Fairchild posted this picture on her FB.

This picture rocks because
1. With the exception of a few people this was an awesome crew!
2. I really liked being stationed at Fairchild.
3. The guy that's fourth from the right *I had to fix this - I said left earlier*was our Lt. and trust me this picture doesn't do him justice!
and finally -
4. Even though everyone always tells me I'm short, and I know I'm short, I didn't realize how vertically challenged I actually was!

The Week That Was....

Honestly, I mean that in the best way possible. But let's face it, there are times when you get nothing accomplished yet feel like you've been running around like a chicken with your head chopped off. That was my week...
I did get registered for school but am now at a standstill while I wait for all my transcripts to arrive. What does that mean? I probably won't be able to start school until March. Annoying!
We are trying to get t-shirts made for our Cub Scouts. It's not a complicated design. It's not rocket science either unless you live in Sumter. So, I had to go back to the place, with another copy of the design (in black and white this time because the color copy was too confusing) and we still are without shirts. And they will probably be the wrong color because now they are working off a black and white design. Super Annoying.
Zach's school is really starting to piss me off. First he gets this blurb about what they will be learning in math …

Embrace the Camera Nov 18th

I know I said I was only going to do this once, but when my friend Jen sent me this picture I knew I couldn't resist! Taken in 2002 - sometimes I can't remember when he was that little!

Now grab the button and join the fun!

I found a new blog

No, really I did! See, I even added a button right over there ------------->

Actually, I've been finding a lot of them lately! Guess that means I'm not spending enough time doing housework (I'm sure Erik would agree!)
So anyway, it's whole community of Military Spouses who blog. No, really! So many of them it'll make your head spin. Who woulda thunk it? Not me obviously
I guess I should really quit living in my own little world. It is kinda nice here though....
If you're a military spouse check thislinkout. Even if you're not, check it out - shout out some love to those who serve quietly (or sometimes not so quietly!) at home

What's on Kris' Phone

See, what happened was....
I was checking out some wonderful Embrace the Camera posts from last week and happened upon this blog where this funny lady named Jessica realized we all have weird pictures on our phones. Anyway, she decided to start doing a Tuesday link up where you post (and blog - obviously) about the pictures in your phone. I decided this seemed like fun (mainly because unlike Embrace the Camera - I don't have to be in these pictures!), so here it is, my first 'What's on Kris' Phone'!

So, one day I really needed a little black cardigan. Really, really bad. I was searching through my closet thinking "I need to get some sweaters" when I happened upon an actual black cardigan! I thought the sweater gods smiled on me that day! I took this picture to send to my friend Nicole because I figured it was hers. Guess what? It was - and now she wants it back too!!

Next up is this creepy little number. A bug of some kind. That looked weird - very…

Embracing our Vets

This will probably be my only Embrace the Camera. In honor of Veterans Day here is a picture that shows a whole family of Vets!

This picture was taken at my retirement ceremony. From the left - Shannon (USAF), my Daddy (USN Ret), Me (USAF Ret), Erik (USAF still serving), and Scott (USAF). The kids are Zach, Austin, and Mikayla. We know military families are vets in their own way!

Happy Veteran's Day. Thanks to all who served our country honorably and to those who are still serving.

My Mind is like a NASCAR Race

Weird title. True title. It feels like my mind has been racing like the boys at Bristol. One thought during the straight away, the curve brings another thought into my head and around and around it goes. It's been so full of stuff that even my blessed sleeping pills can't always quiet it. So now, I sit, bordering insomniac again and I thought, "Well, that's what my blog is for." So, a journey into the frazzled mind of a rookie running his first race! Oh, and you know you've lived in the south too long when you start using NASCAR metaphors!

What to do with myself? When I retired I said I wasn't going to work again. I think we all knew that really wasn't going to be the case - but you know, you have to dream! But I never wanted another career. I always said I was going to waitress at Denny's. LOL Can you imagine me - listening to people complain about their food and not being rude? Anyway, there are jobs youknow you shouldn't attemp…


As many of you know, Zach broke his first bone. While at Scout-o-Ween, he and a few other boys were playing with a bowling set (in a manner NOT intended by the manufacturer!) and ended up with a broken pinkie on his right hand. I'm not sure why it's been wrapped to this extreme though!

Since this picture was taken it has been re-wrapped and now he can only use his index finger and thumb. His handwriting has never been stellar, trust me, this isn't helping any. I believe we have worked out an agreement with his teachers to get his work done though. I guess they realized how serious I was when I offered to sit in class all day and do his writing for him!
insquequo tunc vicis ~