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Before I get all random on you with my phone pictures you have got to go check out my friends blog. She posted a wonderful entry about what she is Thankful for - I'm proud to say she's my friend!

O.K. on to the phone photos of the week. Drum roll please.....

Food is first! I love the Chicken Salad Sandwiches at Mary Ann's. I don't get to go there very often so I had to have a picture of it! Mountain Dew White Out. This is now my second favorite Dew - it falls into place right behind Diet Code Red. If they made this stuff diet, it would soar right to the top!

This picture shows the reason I should be banished from the library!
(I didn't even read all of them but I did keep them for the whole 2 week period in hopes that I would!)

Anyone remember this guy ---------->
(other than me, of course!)
It's Rick Springfield! For all you young 'uns out there he had a hit song called Jessie's Girl and starred on General Hospital as Dr. Noah Drake. It was a long time ago. A really long time ago.
Oh yes, and I was the dork who used to change the words "Jessie's Girl" to "Rick Springfield". Anyone else guilty of that? No? Just me? Alrighty then....

And finally - a picture my niece texted me. It made me laugh so stupid hard I had share!

Your turn! Post your phone pictures and link to Jessica's Blog.


  1. That bottom picture is great. I may or may not have stole it... =)

  2. i need that card. that's my favorite pastime! ;p
    i want a chicken salad sammy now please. who doesn't remember rick springfield? pssh, amateurs. ;)

  3. awww haha Rick Springfield.
    My boyfriends name is Jesse and he hates Jesses girl soooo much hehe TORTURE

  4. being that my name is jessica, YES i know all the words to that song.

    what the heck kinda mountain dew IS that? is it like baja blast from taco bell? cuz i love that stuff.

    see u next week chick.


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