Friday, August 31, 2012

Typical American?

I try to keep my political ideas and ideals in my own house. Not because I don't feel like arguing with people (shoot I love to argue!), but because honestly, I don't fit into a category. Now though, some of my FB friends are starting to make their intentions clear about whom they're voting for in November, so I thought I'd give my 5 cents worth on the subject.

1. I believe in the right to keep and bear arms. I believe that I should be able to have guns in my house. I do have guns in my house -all bought legally. I think that if you make it harder to buy guns the only people that will have them are criminals. Which would then make me a criminal because I can tell you I'm not giving up my firearms.

2. I don't believe in abortion however I do believe that women who want to have abortions should be able to in a safe environment. Just because I choose not to doesn't mean other people should think like me. That's just dumb.

3. I believe marijuana should be legalized and taxed. Use the money from the taxes to improve the school system, fund healthcare, or start paying back some of the countries we owe a gazillion dollars to. Just do it already.

4. In some states the school system is broken. We live in one of those states which is why I homeschool. I think that every parent should be able educate their children as they see fit, whether that's public school, private school, or homeschool. My property taxes go into the broken education system and I don't mind that - it's a small price to pay for the future of our country. But honestly, our future is in trouble if the education system doesn't start working better.

5. I believe Senators and Congressmen should make minimum wage. The wage they voted on, and get pay raises every six months if they're performance is good. Just like most working Americans. Oh, and no overtime ~ get it done in 40 hours or less a week or no raise for you buddy. Who chooses if they get a raise - well, the people who elected them of course. Maybe then they'll remember who they really work for and get their act together.

6. I believe you should have to take random urinalysis tests to receive welfare. If you're not working, you shouldn't have any money to buy drugs - if you do you're not spending our tax money wisely and you should have to go find a job. Oh, and don't let them do it in private - nope run it like the military - someone watching the whole time. I've been on both ends of that deal, and it's not pleasant.

7. I believe people in jail have given up their rights to creature comforts that the rest of us have to pay for. They committed the crime, so no cable TV, craptastic food for everyone, no more voting, you get the idea here right? I also believe that our prisons should be run like some of those places I've seen in Locked Up Abroad. Yep, turn them all loose in one big yard, 50 guys to a cell, sleeping on the floor. I also believe strongly in the death penalty but I think it should be by firing squad only. Costs much less that way.

8. I believe everybody should have a Plan B just in case the election in November doesn't turn out the way you want. I've got a Plan B and a Plan C. Nope, I'm not sharing them - they are so awesome everyone will want to do them too! =)

So where do I fit in this political picture? I feel I'm a typical American - I believe in some things on both sides of the party lines. Where is my candidate? How am I going to vote in November? I know who I'm going to choose, but some things are still ok to keep in your own house.

Until next time ~ Kris

Monday, August 20, 2012

Getting it Together Again

It's been a long time. There's been a ton of stuff going on. It's been a hard few months. Quick recap -

My dad passed. Not ready to talk about that, moving on...

I fell short of my required progress for last term. Now I'm on academic probation. I've never been on academic probation - ever. It's nerve wracking. It makes me feel like such a loser. But, at least the VA will cover this terms tuition but I've got to keep it together for sure now. No more crawling into bed for days at a time and just wanting to never get out again.

After a terrible year at school for Zach, I struggled for months about homeschooling again. I decided to go ahead and do it. Surprisingly there was no argument from Erik. I just explained we needed to make him academically competitive with students outside of South Carolina. So far it's been working well. We sit across the table from each other and work on our schoolwork. Plus my science whiz has helped me with my Science class. Yep - my sixth grader knows more science than I do!

We have gone back to our eclectic curriculum. After spending mega bucks figuring out what worked (and didn't) it was easy to decide what we needed to make his year a success. Our biggest move forward was starting him in 7th grade science! I'm proud of him that he's ready for a higher grade and I know he's going to do fantastic!

Finally, my bloggy bestie isn't going to be blogging too much anymore. That makes me sad - but she did finally land her dream job of having her own classroom! That makes me so happy - and I know she's happy and thrilled with the new direction that she worked so hard to achieve! Have a great year Mrs. Mall (future teacher of the year!)

Until next time ~ Kris