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High School is Coming

Hard to believe that this looker is starting high school in August.

Yep, no longer my little baby boy - now he's all growing up and stuff. Any ideas on how to stop that? Anyone? Well, if you think of something let me know!

Now, when he started talking about getting a high school experience I freaked. Then I thought, well, ok. Let's learn about the school he would go to. During the weeks of my sleuthing I learned 1. His high school is the worst in the district for passing those tests I don't agree with. 2. Gang violence is very common (three lockdowns in the two weeks I was investigating - one involved a gun). 3. Both the parents and students seem to be ok with these situations. All of these factors made the whole idea seem stupid. But...

Let's face it, I was already struggling with his math (and it's pre algebra), so I also knew something was going to have to change this year. So he's getting his experience without the gangs, guns, and apathy. In August Zach wi…


It's been a long time since we've visited the main mouse at his Florida home. About three years. Last time we went Zach was shorter than me, he wasn't a teenager, and it was much cooler! This time we made the trip in May instead of February. Big difference. While I really enjoyed the one day we spent at Blizzard Beach I don't know if it was worth roasting the rest of the days.

This time we got to stay at Bay Lake Towers. People, it's right across the street from the Magic Kingdom! We asked for theme park view and enjoyed the fireworks every single night sans crowds and screaming kids. Awesome.

We were also there during the Epcot flower and garden show. This year I got to see so many cool topiaries. Some of my favorite characters in bush form. Yep, you can't beat that!

The new Fantasyland was open. And I made the boys ride the Ariel ride. She's so my girl, I had to! I didn't get my nails painted this Ariel color to NOT go on the ride!

We had a great tim…

Deluge coming!

I've been so bad about blogging, and there has been so much going on lately. Not just here on our planet, but everywhere.

So, I'm working on many blog posts. Family trips, school plans, how I feel about national news (which I usually stay away from), and pretty much randomness. Random is what I do best, so why mess with a good thing? =)

Because I have so much writing to do I will leave you now. But I will give you some random pictures to hold you over until I'm back with all the goodies! These are all from either Monday Mugging or Thank Coffee it's Friday (TCIF) which I try to participate in every week. I'm running out of mugs though (wink wink)!

This one happens to be hubby's!