High School is Coming

Hard to believe that this looker is starting high school in August.

Yep, no longer my little baby boy - now he's all growing up and stuff. Any ideas on how to stop that? Anyone? Well, if you think of something let me know!

Now, when he started talking about getting a high school experience I freaked. Then I thought, well, ok. Let's learn about the school he would go to. During the weeks of my sleuthing I learned 1. His high school is the worst in the district for passing those tests I don't agree with. 2. Gang violence is very common (three lockdowns in the two weeks I was investigating - one involved a gun). 3. Both the parents and students seem to be ok with these situations. All of these factors made the whole idea seem stupid. But...

Let's face it, I was already struggling with his math (and it's pre algebra), so I also knew something was going to have to change this year. So he's getting his experience without the gangs, guns, and apathy. In August Zach will be attending Connections Academy. This is an online public school option here. He's completely enrolled and is excited about being around other kids (even in the virtual world). They have a couple clubs he's very interested in joining too.

Deciding things is hard. Especially when you've been making all the education decisions. I hope we are doing the right thing. I told him he had to finish the whole year before he decides if it's not for him. We shall see.....


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