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Not only has it been almost a month since my last update; but there has been a lot going on and I should have updated sooner.

School - we got so far behind while we were getting ready for our Christmas trip to MI. We haven't even hit 90 days - which was definately a goal before we left. Know I guess we will have to somehow catch up.

Our MI trip - we were going to head up MI today to spend Christmas with my dad. CG really wanted to make a snowman and a snow angel. But, wintery weather put an end to our plans. So, we are spending our Christmas in GA with my brother in law and his family. I really love them so it's cool. I just worry about dad being alone on Christmas.

Updating more school - we have been reading more Magic Tree House Books. We have been reading Day of the Dragon King, Lions at Lunchtime, and Mummies in the Morning. It's another Sonlight break, then we are going to double up our weeks to finish Core 1 by the end of the year. Maybe. That was my plan but …