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It's June?

I can tell by my calendar that it is indeed June - however since we are still plugging away at school it seems like it shouldn't be.  What can you do?  We just keep plugging away and we will finally finish in 5 days! 
We spent this week doing end of year CAT testing.  I ordered my test from Family Learning Organization out of Mead, WA.  I chose them this year over the Seton testing because they offer science and social studies too.  Well, those two tests could have gone better; but I think overall it went well (except for the dreaded subtraction section that CG couldn't finish in the allotted time!).  Next year I may go through my accountability group and have him take the Iowa test.  We will have to see.
I don't know WHY I end of year test.  Well, I do know why - hubby requires it.  But since I don't teach CA (or any other state for that matter) curriculum it seems a little unfair to CG.  It was especially unfair this year since we had so many issues with subtraction we…