It's June?

I can tell by my calendar that it is indeed June - however since we are still plugging away at school it seems like it shouldn't be.  What can you do?  We just keep plugging away and we will finally finish in 5 days! 

We spent this week doing end of year CAT testing.  I ordered my test from Family Learning Organization out of Mead, WA.  I chose them this year over the Seton testing because they offer science and social studies too.  Well, those two tests could have gone better; but I think overall it went well (except for the dreaded subtraction section that CG couldn't finish in the allotted time!).  Next year I may go through my accountability group and have him take the Iowa test.  We will have to see.

I don't know WHY I end of year test.  Well, I do know why - hubby requires it.  But since I don't teach CA (or any other state for that matter) curriculum it seems a little unfair to CG.  It was especially unfair this year since we had so many issues with subtraction we didn't finish all the 2nd grade math, so he saw questions about things he never learned.  

The homeschool convention is going to be here on the 19th and 20th.  I'm so excited.  Although I'm not going to any of the workshops (I've heard I should, but have decided not to), I finally get to see a bunch of curriculum in one place at one time!  How awesome is that?  Of course, since I'm the curriculum junky it could be very dangerous!

CG had his Cub Scout Blue and Gold last Saturday.  It was fun.  He earned his wolf rank, some belt loops, and arrow points.  Now everything we do is going to go towards his Bear rank.  I think I'm more excited than he is!  I'm just so proud.  We worked hard to get those requirements and electives done.  He is signed up for Cub Scout Day Camp (he's not old enough for overnighters yet) at the end of June.  They do so much there towards their advancements.  I hope he enjoys it - he didn't go last year because we were in MI on vacation during camp time.

There you have it - a small, brief, update on all the doings and such around here.  


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