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We made it to the corn maze!  OMG what fun that was!  Well worth the money and time we spent.  Now I know it is something we will have to do every year!  
Here's my beef - people who think homeschoolers are unsocialized.  "Pardon me, I don't think I heard you correctly."  We probably do more now than when CG was in 'regular school'.  Oh, and by the way, more fun stuff.  Oh, and also - he's learning how to get along with people of all ages.  Not just 30 other random children his own age.  Oh, and one more oh - we can choose the children we hang out with.  Sorry, I just don't see a bad side there.  So, in my short time that I've been homeschooling I've decided here are the ideas that bother me the most: 1. We are not socialized - covered above - bunk, as far as I'm concerned 2. We just sit around a watch TV or play video games (or whatever).  This is a blog for another day, seriously.  We work our butts off in this house. Are there people who u…

Well OK

It's been a little while since my last post.  We have been trying to get to the corn maze (on a non rainy day!) and doing other stuff.  Our lives are pretty much like everyone else's - we do our thing and press on day to day.  Sometimes it's not even that interesting to me!
I still love being home and homeschooling CG.  It's tremendous fun (and sometimes tremendous stress!) and I wouldn't change it for the world.  Is every day roses and happiness?  H-E-L-L NO!  But overall every day is interesting and usually fun.
I'm still on the fence about the group on base.  I was going to quit (to help alleviate some stress) but then I'm not sure.  The people are nice - the get-togethers are close - so who knows.  My dearest husband tells me to stick it out and see where it all goes.  If I don't like the outcome, then leave.  I guess I could do that.  {everybody sing - Things that make ya go hmm}
I'm out.  Remember to vote!

Election Thoughts

Anyone who is looking at the recent polls and projected winner of November 4th could be either extremely happy or incredibly disappointed.  Either way I believe you still need to get out there and vote.  Supporters of Obama are saying "we've got this sewn up - I'm not wasting my time" and supporters of McCain are saying "it's a lost cause - my vote won't matter anyway".  Don't do that!  Get out there and practice your right to decide!  The person you choose could win or maybe not - don't think it doesn't matter.  Besides, look at all the countries in the world where the people don't have a say ~ when you don't vote you are practically saying "I don't care".  People, we need to care.  Don't assume your candidate is safe or out of it completely.  If too many people think that way you may end up with the other person in the White House.  The election is November 4th.  My calendar says October 11th.  No matter who y…

Dang it!

So, my precious Cubbies stayed true to form.  Is it a curse?  I don't know - but I know this - "There's always next year."  {big sigh}
Now, on a better note - I did get some support from one member of the base group about the statement of faith.  Are there more out there?  Maybe.  But it does make me feel a little better to realize that I'm not the only one.

No they didn't

For the record - the meeting last night did not discuss the statement of faith.  Unless the coordinators did it before the meeting without everyone there.  I'm waiting for the minutes but I don't think it was mentioned at all.  Shocker.  Not.  
Well, at least we still have our non military group - which is nice and has park day today - so off we go!