Election Thoughts

Anyone who is looking at the recent polls and projected winner of November 4th could be either extremely happy or incredibly disappointed.  Either way I believe you still need to get out there and vote.  Supporters of Obama are saying "we've got this sewn up - I'm not wasting my time" and supporters of McCain are saying "it's a lost cause - my vote won't matter anyway".  Don't do that!  Get out there and practice your right to decide!  The person you choose could win or maybe not - don't think it doesn't matter.  Besides, look at all the countries in the world where the people don't have a say ~ when you don't vote you are practically saying "I don't care".  People, we need to care.  Don't assume your candidate is safe or out of it completely.  If too many people think that way you may end up with the other person in the White House.  The election is November 4th.  My calendar says October 11th.  No matter who you decide to vote for - don't rely on everyone else to put your candidate in the Oval Office - remember - you can't bitch about it if you don't vote!


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