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Week One Finished!

I know, should I be so excited about finishing week one?  I think yes!  We had a couple 'moments' but other than that I think it went pretty well.
We started a few notebooks.  One for our field trips (yes, we already took one - to the recycling center), one for our continent study, and one for our vocabulary.  Oh wait!  We also started one that will track Curious George's (and I mean that in the most loving way) growth compared to the three trees that we recently planted in our back yard.  Ok, a couple just look like sticks with leaves right now, but it is my fervent hope that they will show some growth over the next 10 months that it will be fun to track throughout the year.  CG is not big on writing or coloring - but I also hope that with a few notebooks to do everyday he will get over that.
I have decided to nix the Catholic Curriculum.  I totally don't have anything against the Catholic Church, I was raised in that church.  Many years ago my DH and I decided to go to…

Starting Early

We have decided to start homeschooling a little earlier than originally planned.  DS is getting bored and wasting his summer away anyway, so we may as well do something productive with it!  Plus, the earlier we start the earlier we finish.  Maybe, we'll see.  Nerves are kicking in now.
I'm rethinking the Catholic choice I went back to after mom died.  We attended Lutheran Church for years and that's where DS was baptized - since DH doesn't go to church with us anyway, I think DS and I may end up back at Lutheran Church.  I did get a lot of Catholic Curricula - but I could just cut out the religion part maybe.  Hmm.  I'm gonna have to ponder this one some more.

All About Spelling

Well, I received the All About Spelling program the other day.  I ordered level one and when I opened it I was kind of scared that I ordered too easy a level for my son.  It's so very basic that I got scared.  But then tonight I spelled the word bug (because I didn't want DS to freak out - but in retrospect he should be able to spell that word) and he couldn't tell me the sound of the U so I guess it was a good choice overall.
Also, my DH is requiring me to test the boy at the end of the year (not a requirement in SC, but one of his requirements to let me homeschool) so I needed a basis.  Now DS did take some kind of PACE or other SC state test at the end of the school year, but he is not taking that test next year, so I ordered the 1st grade CAT test from Seton (I'll add it to my links).  We took the test and sent it back, so now when I test him next year I have the base for the same test he will be taking.  The test was $25 and that includes scoring.  Check it out.

Let the Journey Begin!

We start homeschooling this month.  I officially picked the 28th but since DS is chomping at the bit to "do something" we may start earlier.

We are a family of three humans, three cats.  DS is starting 2nd grade.  I had a hard time picking curricula, but finally (mostly) decided on Catholic Heritage Curricula ( with some other stuff thrown in.
We are going to try notebooking our continent study I found a continent notebook/ebook ( I will have to look up where and get back to you on that!)  Since DS (I guess I will eventually have to come up with a nickname for him!) isn't very creative it may be a difficult journey at first, but I hope it will be worth it in the end.
For spelling we are going to try All About Spelling.  Will let you know how that goes too.  Of course, I've probably purchased way more curricula than I need, with all the second guessing going on in my head - so we will see what exactly works for us or not.
I'm nervous, excited, and scare…