Week One Finished!

I know, should I be so excited about finishing week one?  I think yes!  We had a couple 'moments' but other than that I think it went pretty well.

We started a few notebooks.  One for our field trips (yes, we already took one - to the recycling center), one for our continent study, and one for our vocabulary.  Oh wait!  We also started one that will track Curious George's (and I mean that in the most loving way) growth compared to the three trees that we recently planted in our back yard.  Ok, a couple just look like sticks with leaves right now, but it is my fervent hope that they will show some growth over the next 10 months that it will be fun to track throughout the year.  CG is not big on writing or coloring - but I also hope that with a few notebooks to do everyday he will get over that.

I have decided to nix the Catholic Curriculum.  I totally don't have anything against the Catholic Church, I was raised in that church.  Many years ago my DH and I decided to go to Lutheran Church - and we have been pretty much Lutheran ever since.  CG was baptized Lutheran so it seemed like the most practical progression for his religious education.  Besides, DH is willing to attend Lutheran Church; not so much Catholic.

So, all in all I feel we are making progress.  The growing pains will continue I'm sure - that's all part of the learning curve!


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