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~2010~ Out

So, as I looked over my first post of this year I realized how much has changed and not changed  No longer homeschooling, and still looking for a church would be the two most noticeable things When my dearest asked me yesterday why I've been so cranky lately, I was at a loss coming up with something, but I finally did - I have no purpose 
Now, before anyone starts getting all freaked out and calling 911 on me let me explain...hopefully it won't take too long (yeah, no promises)
I've been retired from the AF now for almost three years  The first two years I homeschooled Zach - which gave me a purpose  Educating your child, what greater purpose is there than that? I spent my days (and most of my nights) looking for curriculum, planning projects and field trips, and making lesson plans  
I'm not going to lie - the first few months he was in school were pure bliss  Time to myself, shopping sans child, and don't get me wrong, I still enjoy those things  But lets face it, …

Embrace the Camera 12.30.10

today is the last embrace of the year
i remember not so long ago saying i was only going to do this once
but i'm still here
(lucky people)
*thanks shannon for making me really want to try this it really is fun*

this week i discovered there was a timer on my camera
since i got that sucker in iceland you'd think i would have known about that already
-but no, not so much-

so being the terrible, mean mom that i am i interrupted zach's video game play
and made him take a couple pictures with me
he wasn't impressed with my mean mommyness

that's ok, i actually am not that impressed with the pictures
~but i play by the rules~
i'm sure the timer pictures will get better with more practice
in the mean time try to ignore the big butt

to get your embrace on grab the button and link up with mrs anderson at the anderson crew
visit some of the other embracers
and take some time to read mrs andersons blog
really, you'll be glad you did

And that’s life on Planet C…


Before I forget - if you are looking for a blog (or person) I talked about before, they have been been moved to My Page of Stalking.

And now 
Meeeeeet Gina!!
Gina is another of my IRL friends who blogs.  I picked her today because she actually posted something yesterday and I thought I'd keep the pressure on!  Her blog is about fiber - no - not the kind you eat, but the kind you make on a spinning wheel.  While I know nothing about that (at all, wouldn't even try to fake that!) it's super cool (and apparently requires some patience ~ which I'm always out of!).  Her blog is called For the love of....
How did I meet Gina?  At work of course!  She was my sponsor when I PCS'ed from Rhein Main to McClellan.  She was supposed to pick me up at the airport, but was away for the weekend with her (then and thankfully no more) husband.  Instead she sent one James Rice to pick me up.  I have (finally) forgiven her for that!!  We were a small office of Transportation people in a u…

Blog Challenge

In my hops around the blog world lately I've discovered there are a lot of blog challenges.  Most of them I couldn't see myself participating in ~ blog every day?  I don't have enough to say (in spite of what I think about myself!).  But today on my excursion around the world wide blogging web I discovered a reading challenge.  Not just any old reading challenge either a mystery and suspense reading challenge.

Really?  What could be more perfect for the reader of Kathy Reichs, Steve Berry, and Dean Koontz?  The library has a whole section dedicated to mysteries, and I know exactly where to find what I'm looking for - that section is my second home.  OK - maybe not - but the library lady apparently knows me well enough that when I walk through the door she says "We've got a new one for you." 

So, if you love reading Mysteries and Thrillers check out the challenge on Book Chick City.  I have a button for it too - just to remind myself to read~

And that'…

Today Meet..

Today I'm highlighting Jessica over at The Lowe Family News
I honestly can't remember how I came across her blog but I'm glad I did
She makes puke and potty training not only interesting but incredibly hi-stare-i-cal
She also does a Tuesday Link Up called "What's on my phone" She started it because "it's my blog and I can"
See what I mean? You gotta meet this girl If you already know her in blog world *awesome* If you already know her in the real world *jealous*

And now here is my contribution to 
We got some new furniture four days before Christmas! It includes all the standard stuff -  a couch
a recliner
and a loveseat! The bonus of this picture is it includes the three men who mean the most to me ~ My Daddy, My Husband, and My Son A rare photographic opportunity
If everything works out this is where I will start classes on January 10th yes, as usual, lame pictures abound on my phone!
This year I talked Zach into decorating the plain sugar cookies for Santa ~  I fel…

Something Different

Today I thought I'd do something different.  I want to introduce you to some of the blogs I follow and I thought, well, I'll start at the top of the list.  The top of the list is Shannon and her blog is here.  Shannon is one of my real life friends who blog.  That's important, because I follow a lot of blogs, and even though I will say stuff like "my friend's blog" they don't know me and I don't know them really.

How I met Shannon - It was a dark and stormy night.  No, I'm kidding.  We met in Goldsboro, NC.  Her husband was a very young Airman who worked with me.  Fresh out of basic and tech school.  They were babies really, to my 30-something self.  I may have even asked Jay if his mom knew he was playing Air Force!  He brought her to my little controller window one day and said "This is my wife, Shannon."

My first impression of Shannon - "She's hot."  Seriously.  The kind of girl a 30-something person like me could easily h…

Day After Christmas Snow

He's been hoping for snow.  Really, really hard.  Sometimes you do get what you ask for!

And that's ~ Life on Planet Caddick

Merry Christmas

Now that everyone is bed I can take some time to share our holiday.
It started way too early 6 am and I'm proud to say I didn't nap at all today.  I thought about it really hard, but I didn't!
I think Zach was happy with his presents.  

And after he got all that cool new stuff he decided to do 'animal battles' with all his stuffed animals.  None of them he got today!

And let this be a lesson to all the ladies out there - tell your husband exactly what you want!  Take pictures even - I did!!  My man rocks!!!

Yes, I know, I'm a dork - but I really really got what I wanted!

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and enjoyed time together.

And that's....Life on Planet Caddick

We're Ready Santa!

Merry Christmas From Planet Caddick

Back to School

Or trying at least. I’ve been working on getting enrolled in USC Sumter (that’s the University of South Carolina) and then I will take classes provided by USC Upstate to get my teaching degree. It’s been a long hard road thus far though.
Transcripts During my AF career I went to five or six different colleges. Usually one class here or there depending on where I was stationed, so getting transcripts was a freakin’ nightmare. But they are all present and accounted for – so I was officially accepted into the school.
Immunizations Really? I spent my entire life in the public school system and then the Air Force. Now the school is telling me I’m short an MMR shot. Let me say it again, REALLY? So, being the good monkey that I am, I went and got my second MMR. Shots all present and accounted for.
Registration UGH The thing that is frustrating me the most. There is a one day ALL DAY orientation and registration process. It happens four days before classes start. FOUR DAYS…

Embrace the Camera 12.23.10

For today's embrace I had to use the way back machine.  I have a couple pictures of Erik cutting Zach's hair all barber-like but I couldn't find the cable to download them from my camera.  

So instead, I offer pictures from 2001, which was Zach's first Christmas

From us to you - hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

And that's ~ Life on Planet Caddick

What's on My Phone Dec 21

Not that many selections this week.  I wanted to snap a couple pics at the post office but I haven't figured out how to be quick sneaky enough to manage that yet.  When I do though.....
So let's do this thang

Inside me there is an fashionista screaming to get out Feel free to call Stacy and Clinton for me I know I could follow their rules I just need their money

the hair is the reason I wear this hat even though it's not cold enough

I baked the only cookies Zach will eat Sugar

And my dad brought me this shirt all the way from Michigan because the Spartans rule and the Wolverines drool

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas enjoy your family and friends

Why was I doing this today?

Yes, I was mailing boxes today and Christmas Cards
To be fair, the boxes weren't my fault but I'll take the hit for the cards
My sister and brother in law were supposed to come visit for Christmas all the way from cold snowy Ohio (and of course bring my nieces and nephew!)
But his boss decided that Scott had to work on Christmas and waited until the 18th of December to tell him
Needless to say his boss will not be on our Christmas Card list ever
But the presents are on the way!

30 Random Things

About a month ago one of my FB friends tagged me to do a "30 Random Things About Me" thing.  It was hard.  It was fun.  I thought I'd share with you guys...

1.  I would love to live in Honduras, Mexico, or someplace like that. 2.  As much as I don't like SC, I don't like moving more, so I guess we'll stay here. 3.  I regret every day that I put Zach back into school. 4.  Every picture of Zach, from 2 weeks to 1 year, was taken by my awesome friend Jen.     Every.  Single.  One. 5.  I miss my mom every single day. 6.  I miss my sister every single day. 7.  Someday me and my man are going to spend a week in Hawaii.  Maybe two! 8.  I was born in IL, but consider myself from Michigan. 9.  In second grade I went to three different schools because my dad got transferred. 10.  Chicago is my favorite city in the USA. 11.  If Erik wanted to go back to his homeland I would go and never look back. 12.  I don't miss being in the Air Force - everyone said I would but they lied. 13…

Embrace the Camera December 16

Today I have something old and something new first the new

I'm not sure why this one is so blurry
And finally, my all time fav of Erik and Zach I found it last week

Now go get your embrace on and don't forget to link up with Emily!

Until next time ~ Kris

Winter Wonderland 2010

Last Friday Zach's school had a winter wonderland festival.  I helped decorate, which is how I ended up with the glue gun bisters!  But I wanted to share some pictures of how it all turned out in the end.

A peek down the hall that's finally finished

I had to make some of these and they were very hard for me - not so much for the 4th grader who was trying to learn me in the ways of 3D snowflake making.  I will not be asked back next year to help with those!

No Winter Fest would be complete without this guy:

O.K. I guess maybe this one too....

Zach had fun.  Sang some songs, played some games, and did all the winter festival things that needed to be done.  Erik and I had a good time too.

Until next time ~ Kris

Grandpa's Christmas Card

Zach came home today with card for my dad that he made in art class.  He wouldn't let me see it and put it straight into Grandpa's stocking.  Yes, my dad gets a stocking too!
I was waaay too curious so after everyone went to bed (which is now, of course!) I had to pull it out and look at it - and take pictures.  Everything is Zach's own words and mis-spellings.  Enjoy, I know Grandpa will!

To Gampa You caem a long way but I hope it was good and I hope you got what you wanted Love Zachary

On the left, that would be us Caddick three saying "Marry Crismas" and on the right that would be Frosty saying "And to all a good night" 

'me' and 'Grapa' with some art.

I actually didn't even obsess much about the spelling because the card was so sweet.

Until next time ~ Kris

Tuesday Phone Link Up

I so look forward to Tuesday's now!  Which is weird, because other than this I got nothing on Tuesday - so thanks Jessica for making my life not so lame!  So, what crap is on my phone this week?  hmmmm

My little elfish niece 

and her older brother

So these next two are going to need a back story.  My phone is lame - but I was bored and figured out I could do kind of cool stuff in picture mode.  Here are two shining examples of how non creative I am!

Why is my son 'talking' about hubster? IDK 'kay? I'm pretty sure I could  figure out some more creative way to use this....maybe
Yes, it is my shoe.  And it's cool that I  can add a polaroid frame to pictures but lame that I have to try and write with just my finger.  And yes, those are pink crocs.  Don't judge!

Sometimes I make random, obvious observations  and they go something like this "Note to self - glue from a hot glue gun is hot" This is why I make those statements

Our Cub Scout Pack collects and donates books t…