What's on My Phone Dec 21


Not that many selections this week.  I wanted to snap a couple pics at the post office but I haven't figured out how to be quick sneaky enough to manage that yet.  When I do though.....

So let's do this thang

Inside me there is an fashionista screaming to get out
Feel free to call Stacy and Clinton for me
I know I could follow their rules I just need their money

the hair is the reason I wear this hat
even though it's not cold enough

I baked the only cookies Zach will eat

And my dad brought me this shirt
all the way from Michigan
because the Spartans rule
and the Wolverines drool

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas
enjoy your family and friends



  1. haha i feel the same way i could follow the rules but i need their money to do it! love it!! have a wonderful christmas!

  2. beanies rule!!
    aren't dad's the best??
    i love ALL cookies. unfortunately. ;)

  3. So funny thing, I was standing in the post office line wanting to snap some shots myself. But I was just too chicken. People out here (Hawaii) can get pretty defensive and I'm a short little chicken girl. haha. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I need Stacy and Clinton's credit card also!!

    Cookies are so yummy!

  5. hahaha They are so harsh on that show though...mean peoples.
    I like the hat though!
    and the cute little cookies!

  6. Man, everyone is baking.... I really need to get onto that.
    Ang xxx

  7. I wear hats all the time! Mostly because my kids won't let me have a minute to myself to wash and or dry my hair!
    Yummy sugar cookies!

    Merry Christmas! :)

  8. everyone looks great in a beanie. actually not. not me. i look dumb cuz i have a lightbulb head.


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