Sunday, January 26, 2014

{Moving into Civilian Life}

Erik is now officially a working civilian. I'm going to be honest, finding a decent job was hard. We had a couple months where I was worried (really worried), but everything has worked out. And although he's not really loving his job, it's something.

There were a few things that completely caught me off guard with his new job:

The paperwork! Oh my goodness! I thought the military had a lot of paperwork. Yikes. There was all kinds - health insurance, vision, dental, HSA - all on forms that didn't look anything like forms I was used to filling out! Talk about things I had to ask about (and made me feel stupid) - there were a lot of them. First, the above mentioned HSA (maybe it was a FSA? Either way "WTHeck is this?") Long term and short term disability. I honestly didn't know this was something that had to be paid for. Sad, huh? I guess that's what happens when you grow up military and then spend the next 20+ years still in (or around) the military. Thankfully I have a great friend who has been civilian her whole life (imagine that!) who was patient and didn't call me stupid as I asked the questions.

Then came the whole new way of getting paid - weekly. WTHell again? Really, people get paid every week? Not only on the 15th and 30th? Well, what am I supposed to do with that? Look, I'm a two week budgeter - once a month before we had to use our buffer while Erik looked for work. So with the help of another friend (her husband gets paid weekly!) I learned the system she uses for knowing which bills to pay out of which check. Old school spiral notebook is now in use! ;)

Tools. As in we had to buy them before he got his first check. Not all of them (he has a lot here) but when you're stretching for every dollar it was a hard bullet to bite. At least I think those can be a work related tax deduction next year.  Oh, and let's not forget vacation. He has to work a year before he can even get one week! Yeah, the military did have some great benefits, I'm not going to lie. 30 days a year was one of them.

Overall, I think we're adjusting well into our new skin. He does have a long commute (over an hour each way) so we may have to pull up stakes and move up the road a little bit. We are tossing that idea around right now, but will not make any rash decisions. Although there is a homeschool science center in that town that I would love to live by! :)

Friday, January 10, 2014

{Brain Barf}

Weird title, but let that be your warning. I've been away for so long and have so many things running through my mind. This post is just going to be me thinking out loud, wondering about stuff, and basically dumping all my thoughts out so I can decide what needs to be put back in and what can be discarded. Brain Barf - zesty

To the government please quit screwing with the military, gun owners, and former military gun owners. You won't get our guns - you may have signed away our entitlements but now we're mad Veterans. No, that's not a threat - just pointing out the obvious (that all of y'all might have missed). Military trained, pissed off gun owners.

Paul Ryan and John McCain - I'm embarrassed that I voted for tickets you were on. And I'm embarrassed that after you screwed us Vets you asked for money. No, I won't vote for Hillary - but I guarantee I will not ever vote for any ticket either of you are on. Anyone who lives your states that has ever served in the military shouldn't either. Goodness I hope they figure that out. For the record I would never (again) vote for a ticket with Sarah Palin on it either.

(Some) Christians: Really? I don't know if I can even go there. You guys know you're being bigoted and wrong - not living according to they way Jesus would want you to, yet you persist. There's a reason religion has been the cause of most of the wars. You know what - be nice to each other and quit being self righteous jack asses. No one has time for that crap.

Gay marriage - yep - do it. Why should people who love each other be forbidden to be with each other? If you comment with some crap pertaining to the paragraph above I will delete it. I don't like bigoted, self righteous people. I live in a state full of them - they are not pleasant. As the government (state or federal) you have no business being in everyone's personal life anyway. There are much more important things that you can worry about.

Why is it a violation of someone's rights to have to take a drug test to get welfare? My husband had to take a drug test to get a job, and our taxes are going to pay for your welfare. What's good for the goose and all that. If you don't want to, then get a job like other people and pay your own way. 'Nuff said.

Do people really still believe anything that comes out of the president's mouth? Just wondering.

Instead of making people pay for some health insurance they don't want why didn't the government just do a VAT tax like in Europe? Sure, you'll pay more for stuff when you buy it but then you can just walk into a doctor and be taken care of. That would have probably cost a lot less money to implement than the joke website. Maybe that wouldn't work - I don't know, I'm just wondering if it was even thought about. If it wouldn't work why? It works in Europe. Just sayin'

Why did I do this? I'm not crazy about Sponge Bob and I'm claustrophobic - yet I did it anyway. Just thinking about being all wrapped up waiting for Zach to take the picture makes me panic.

Garage sale or Ebay?

How do you budget a weekly pay schedule? I have no frame of reference for this. We've always been paid once or twice a month. Weekly kind of freaks me out.

If Jewish people are "wrong" for not believing in Jesus, how come the Mormons are the only people who believe Joseph Smith? Basically it's the same thing - the word of God came through a person. No, I'm not Jewish or Mormon - I'm just wondering why. Oh and if Jesus came today and was all preaching about whatever he was preaching about would anyone believe him? See, it goes back to that whole Joseph Smith thing. What's the line between 'real' and 'cult'? (No I DO NOT believe that LDS is a cult - I DO however love my coffee so I could never be Mormon)

Why do the people on Ancient Aliens think that no one from long ago could be smart enough to figure out how to build stuff on their own? Humans are resourceful buggers. Just because we couldn't do it now doesn't mean they didn't figure out a way to do it then. Tons of history has been erased because of war. I know it's hard sometimes, but give the human race some credit. Besides, people are lazy now - that's why no one can imagine moving those big ass rocks around.

I think the new Common Core Standards are crap. There is no way every state is going to be equal in education. My theory - standards in some of the "better" states are going to have to drop so states like South Carolina can look like they are equal.

Because of the paragraph above now I have to decide if I'm going to go back to school or not. If I do it won't be to be a teacher - I'd rather be an accountant. And I want to audit government records.

I'm so sick of hearing about Jadeveon Clowney. I'm glad he's going to quit college and head for the NFL. If you don't know who he is you're lucky. Fingers crossed that he doesn't get drafted by the Carolina Panthers.

Why did Discovery cancel Dirty Jobs? Why doesn't History cancel Pawn Stars?

Who cares what Phil Robertson thinks? Every person is entitled to their own opinion. Not agreeing is one of the great things about this country. Turn it off if you don't like it. That's what I did with Pawn Stars!

I just realized I said "all of y'all".

And done...

Thursday, January 9, 2014


The first time I ventured into homeschooling my little man was in second grade. I was really good about pictures then. *sigh* now I'm just lame about pictures, even though I always have my phone close by and pictures should be easier to take.

Today I was looking for a picture for Throw Back Thursday (which I love - you never know what you're going to see!) and I chose this winner

It's from second grade - when we were studying Ancient Greece (or maybe Rome - I don't remember now). Dang, we really use to have a lot of fun. I need to fix that.....