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{Moving into Civilian Life}

Erik is now officially a working civilian. I'm going to be honest, finding a decent job was hard. We had a couple months where I was worried (really worried), but everything has worked out. And although he's not really loving his job, it's something.

There were a few things that completely caught me off guard with his new job:

The paperwork! Oh my goodness! I thought the military had a lot of paperwork. Yikes. There was all kinds - health insurance, vision, dental, HSA - all on forms that didn't look anything like forms I was used to filling out! Talk about things I had to ask about (and made me feel stupid) - there were a lot of them. First, the above mentioned HSA (maybe it was a FSA? Either way "WTHeck is this?") Long term and short term disability. I honestly didn't know this was something that had to be paid for. Sad, huh? I guess that's what happens when you grow up military and then spend the next 20+ years still in (or around) the military. Th…

{Brain Barf}

Weird title, but let that be your warning. I've been away for so long and have so many things running through my mind. This post is just going to be me thinking out loud, wondering about stuff, and basically dumping all my thoughts out so I can decide what needs to be put back in and what can be discarded. Brain Barf - zesty

To the government please quit screwing with the military, gun owners, and former military gun owners. You won't get our guns - you may have signed away our entitlements but now we're mad Veterans. No, that's not a threat - just pointing out the obvious (that all of y'all might have missed). Military trained, pissed off gun owners.

Paul Ryan and John McCain - I'm embarrassed that I voted for tickets you were on. And I'm embarrassed that after you screwed us Vets you asked for money. No, I won't vote for Hillary - but I guarantee I will not ever vote for any ticket either of you are on. Anyone who lives your states that has ever serve…


The first time I ventured into homeschooling my little man was in second grade. I was really good about pictures then. *sigh* now I'm just lame about pictures, even though I always have my phone close by and pictures should be easier to take.

Today I was looking for a picture for Throw Back Thursday (which I love - you never know what you're going to see!) and I chose this winner

It's from second grade - when we were studying Ancient Greece (or maybe Rome - I don't remember now). Dang, we really use to have a lot of fun. I need to fix that.....