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Almost Christmas

It's almost Christmas!! I've been much less Ebenezer this year (or at least tried!). For the first time in my long, long life I get to enjoy a REAL Christmas Tree! So very excited.

Zach is on Christmas break.  Of course he gets a cold - but at least he's not missing school! This boy always gets sick around Christmas. I guess it's just who he is.

I've finished a few more crochet projects in the last couple weeks. First up, the blanket that turned into the mess from hell. You don't even have to look closely to realize how screwed up this ended up. And although it was initially accepted by it's recipient, it has since been rejected as being "too narrow". So it's currently in use by Erik.

Also completed - Christmas hat #2

A messy bun beanie

A cozy for my french press

and finally, a scrubby for cleaning. Cotton on one side and scrubby yarn on the other.

That's it! I've started a very big blanket project and will post updates as progress is …

What Have I Been Doing?

From August to December. Once again I have to get better about doing this! It's not like I haven't been doing anything though!
First, Zach is rocking Sophomore year. He did go back to brick and mortar school this year. His grades have been great and he seems to have adjusted very well. I'm learning how to be a morning person again - it's hard!
I've been trying to be crafty and creative these last few months. These things are usually fails because my mom's creative gene skipped me completely 😔. I guess it is what it is, you know what I mean? That hasn't stopped me from trying though!! Here are some things I've done in the last few months.
Painting! I've taken three classes at a local place called Sip n Gogh. It is really fun, and honestly, they make it hard to screw things up! 

I've not limited myself to painting either. Nope - I'm also teaching myself how to crochet. This one can be particularly frustrating sometimes. I've tried my hand…