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I'm Still "OK....For Now"

God knows I love my son. I can't imagine a better person to have in my life. I can't imagine loving anyone more than I love him. Like most mothers I would do anything that I could for him.

So, I've been trying to step away. He'll be in 6th grade next year, and we all know he's at the weird age where they love you, but don't really want you hanging around. It's hard for me. He's always preferred me over anyone else.

This week and next week I'm working at his school book fair. So, I'm in his school, but I've not gone down to the cafeteria to have lunch with him at all. This was something I would have done in 4th grade, or even during the fall book fair, but as I said, I'm trying.

Today, we are on our way home and he says "Mom, you're in the school, but you don't come down and have lunch with me. Why?"

Well honey, because I figured you wouldn't want me really hanging around with you in front of your friends. Because you…

Cub Scout to Boy Scout

Today Zach crossed over to Boy Scouts. It was a happy and sad moment. Happy because he's worked so hard and deserves it, but sad because it feels like he was just in first grade - my little Tiger Cub.

The Blue and Gold was great. We always have the Order of the Arrow Indian Dancers - they are awesome!

Zach and RJ have been together since Tigers. Today they earned the highest honor in Cub Scouts, The Arrow of Light.

Since there were only two crossing into the Troop, the Boy Scouts built the bridge for them to cross. Each plank represents a Scout Core Value. There are 12, but my camera is slow to take pictures!

When I was a Girl Scout they said "Now I give you Brownie wings to you can fly to bigger things." They don't do that with the boys - they strip off their Cub Scout stuff and they walk to bridge to Troop. Once they get across they get the Boy Scout Scarf and epaulettes, which are red instead of blue. The coolest part - Erik is the Scoutmaster, so he got give him …

~Embrace the Camera 2.23.12~

I haven't Embraced in a long time. But I had some shots that I took at Disney that I saved just for today.  They are all from my phone, so you may have seen them as I posted - but I had to share again anyway!

Now, go link up with Mrs. Anderson and get your embrace on!

Until next time ~ Kris

~It's a good life~

Oh my goodness - what an exciting weekend we had! In celebration of my little man turning 11, we took a trip to DisneyWorld. We are DisneyWorld freaks - I'm not ashamed to admit it! So, we headed south and commenced to wear ourselves out until we left on Monday morning.

What did we do while we were there? We waited in line (a lot!)

We rode some rides

Got a peek over the wall at the new castle going up in Fantasy Land (which was closed - boo!)

We stayed in this cool room

We went to the Rainforest Cafe

And of course - we celebrated a birthday with some surprises from the whole Disney Gang!

 We had a lot of fun - and I took a ton more pictures - but I figure I've bored you enough for now! But I can't leave you without this last parting shot of the birthday boy...

Until next time ~ Kris

11 Years

It's been 11 years since I first held you in my arms  So very tiny
my miracle the baby I was never supposed to be able to have
I don't know where the time went it's gone so quickly
now as you enter that world of 'tween'  that weird place where I now have the power to embarrass you
and it matters how my hair looks and if I'm dropping you off in my PJ's (which I always am)
and I think
"What happened to that little boy the one who just wanted me there?"
and I also think "What can I do to embarrass you more?"
but mostly I think "I really love you" and I'm amazed at the person you're becoming
almost (but not quite) my little man
Happy Birthday Zach!

Today at CVS

I did really good today at CVS. I know it doesn't look like it because there are only four things here - but really I did!

 This is going to get addicting, I need to be careful, but honestly it's stuff we use all the time. It's not like I'm stocking up on 100 boxes of pasta or something we don't use. Plus I always make sure I get the unscented/free and clear laundry soap. The Z man has hyper sensitive skin, so I have to be careful.

So, here's how it broke down for me today

Arm & Hammer - B1G1 Free - $6.99 for two, I had a coupon for $1.00 off two, $5.99 for two.
Toothpaste - $2.75, I had a coupon for .75 off, $2.00
Secret - $3.99, I had a coupon for $1.00, $2.99
I had an extra bucks reward for $4.00 so I used that which brought my total to $7.54 including tax.

I also got $3.00 more in extra care bucks from this trip. I'm eyeballing the Reeces Peanut Butter Eggs for those! Don't laugh, those things are expensive - but oh so yummy!

My point is don'…

A Haiku

Written by Zach:

hot sun beating down
cool water tickles my toes
castles and surfing

Yeah, he sometimes does good!

Until next time ~ Kris

My first coupon score!

You knew I would have to blog about it - because I'm a dork. But as I like to say dork = cool!

I had to go to Bi-Lo today. It's the only place in town I can get Wildberry Poptarts. It's true. And I knew I was going to get a couple more things, so I went online to see if there were any coupons I could put on my store card. I'm not as good of a couponer as I should be - but sometimes I'm ok.

While I was at it I printed out a couple coupons for Honey Nut Cheerios. Erik loves those things and I knew we were getting low. Bi-Lo doubles, so I knew I could at least get a dollar off a box, which for me is a score.

Well....they had the cereal on sale for $1.88 a box, plus my dollar off - so I scored two boxes for .88 each! Yep, under two bucks! And I was so proud of myself I had to take a picture!

Then, because I always keep a couple frozen pizza's in freezer for Scout nights or whatever I noticed a little sign by the DiGornios - so I picked up two and got all this other…

Scout Sunday

Almost every year since we've started scouts (that's been a lot of years!) we've participated in Scout Sunday with our pack. Since we're not huge church-goers, we don't mind. We've been to Baptist Church (twice), Presbyterian Church (once), but this year we got to go to the Church that's near and dear to my heart - Catholic Church.  

The Mass has changed a little bit (but I still say "And also with you"), but it felt wonderful to be back there. I felt comfortable as soon as I walked in, and I honestly can't say that  about all the other churches.

Zach behaved wonderfully, and yes, Erik even participated. I think what surprised me the most was how many Catholics we actually have in our groups of Boy/Cub Scouts. I knew a couple were 'good' Catholics and a couple (myself included) were lapsed Catholics, but there were a lot more "good" than I thought. So I'm glad I asked about doing Scout Sunday at Catholic Church this year…