My first coupon score!

You knew I would have to blog about it - because I'm a dork. But as I like to say dork = cool!

I had to go to Bi-Lo today. It's the only place in town I can get Wildberry Poptarts. It's true. And I knew I was going to get a couple more things, so I went online to see if there were any coupons I could put on my store card. I'm not as good of a couponer as I should be - but sometimes I'm ok.

While I was at it I printed out a couple coupons for Honey Nut Cheerios. Erik loves those things and I knew we were getting low. Bi-Lo doubles, so I knew I could at least get a dollar off a box, which for me is a score.

Well....they had the cereal on sale for $1.88 a box, plus my dollar off - so I scored two boxes for .88 each! Yep, under two bucks! And I was so proud of myself I had to take a picture!

Then, because I always keep a couple frozen pizza's in freezer for Scout nights or whatever I noticed a little sign by the DiGornios - so I picked up two and got all this other stuff for free:

Score again!

All told I ended up saving over $35 with my coupons and bonus card. That's the best I've ever done!

But that cereal - I'll be excited about that one forever!

Until next time ~ Kris


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