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I can't believe it's November!

Really, where has this year gone? I'm not sure exactly, but it sure has flown by!
This month we are focusing on a lot of trips to Congaree National Park. They have a ton of children's programs and they are all free! Rock on! I love free stuff! So, we will be getting out into the fresh air a lot this month and learning about animal adaptations, doing a tree trek, and a ton of things I can't seem to dig out of my brain right at the moment!
On Halloween (CG was Darth Vadar this year) we went to a fall festival with games and trunk or treating. Oh, and a hay ride too! It was really fun. CG is already to go back next year - he says he wants to be Anikan Skywalker. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but aren't they the same person? Yeah, I thought so!
After trunk or treating, CG and GM went to the Scout O Ween. They had a good time and their group won 2nd place for something. I didn't really get all the details - but good on them!
My inner reading dork is out …