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It's Halloween!

Well, almost anyway. Tonight was Trunk or Treat on base. Last year it was awesome, with lines of cars, tons of games in the community center, and a hay ride. This year no games or hay ride. Boo!

Zach is not a candy eater (except for sour apple dum dums - seriously, that is THE ONLY candy he will eat!), but he loves to go trick or treating and collect items for our candy drawer. Tomorrow night he will go around the neighborhood and bring his goodies home to pass back out. I love that child!

I think the Adam Savage turned out pretty good! "Luigi" is his best friend, "Cap'n Jack" is in his class in school (the Navy guy is his brother!). He still had a good time, and then went to Scout-o-Ween, which he enjoys every year!

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Have a great Halloween y'all!

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Science Night

Last night was our first Science Night at Cherryvale. It lasted a bit longer than we had anticipated, but it did end up being a lot of fun. Mr. Austin was there from Pocalla Springs Elementary and he had the kids help with a bunch of demonstrations that show how cool science is. Zach didn't get picked, but he already knows how cool science is ~ after all, he IS my 'Science Man'! Hmm, maybe that should be a new Super Hero name.....

Anyway, there were demonstrations on electricity, air flow, and surface tension. Erik and Zach participated while I took pictures. It is, after all, what I do best - stay behind the camera! They had pizza, passed out information on science fair projects, and I got to talk to his science teacher at length. I worry about a lot of subjects, but thankfully science isn't one of them, so it was a pleasant 'get to know you' type of conversation. I don't know if I've had one of those before with any of his teachers! Although t…

A Quick Update

Well, I thought I'd kill some time as I wait for Shannon to post her Embrace the Camera pictures for the week! I love that she does that - it's awesome to see the fabulous family she and Jay have created.

It's been CRAZY this past week.Everything should be settling down into some semblance normal again very soon. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but as normal as we can get it around here!

I worked the school bookfair almost every day, which was fun (although, I shouldn't be allowed to work around books - too tempting!), and now almost every child at Cherryvale recognizes me as either "Mrs. Caddick" or (mostly) "Zach's Mom"! I don't mind at all - overall, I guess that's what I was shooting for anyway!

I volunteered to 'help' get the boxtops and soup labels together because they have to be mailed in next week. Two things I didn't realize - how many there would be and how few volunteers there are! Counting me there is…

'Grand' Lunch

Today was Zach's 'grand' day at school. I believe this is meant for grandparents to come enjoy lunch (and the book fair, of course!) with their grandchild(ren). Since my dad lives in Michigan, he doesn't get the chance to make it to these things so we always find someone to come instead. Zach really wanted his "buddy", Tommy to come enjoy lunch with him and see his new school. I went too since I've been a slave to the book fair for the past couple weeks!

Lunches at school are notoriously short so thanks Tommy for coming out and making Zach's day really grand!!

Cub Scout Camping

Last weekend we took the pack on our first camp out of the year! We usually will do one in the fall and another in the spring, and it's great fun for everyone! This time was no exception. As the families arrived tents got pitched and set up for the evening. Since Cub camping is only one night we don't plan a lot of stuff - we take a hike as a pack and then each den does something on their own.
The weather was gorgeous during the day. Perfect for having a bunch of boys outside running, playing, and enjoying the fresh air! After our pack hike, I had my Tigers collect leaves and we did some leaf rubbings. Brothers and sisters joined right in, which made me glad I had brought some pink and purple crayons! Those girls are CRAZY about the pink and purple! Games, dinner, and then the campfire. I don't care who you are there's nothing like a campfire - especially since when the sun went down the temperature started dipping!

Campfires include all the usual stuff - m…

A Cherokee Winter House - Caddick Style!

On September 30th Zach's first school project was due, his Native American Project. He chose the Cherokee Tribe and spent hours searching for information to present. Everything had to be written in cursive (he hates cursive!), so this took a little longer than I would have hoped - but he finally finished the writing portion, then it was time to make the display item. He wanted to make a Cherokee Winter House. I'm good with that, but it's almost impossible to find a decent picture of one, so we did the best we could with what we could find!

Some homemade (read: non stinky!) playdough, some hot glue, and popcicle sticks and we were finished!

Thanks to my wonderful husband, who is far more crafty and patient than I, it turned out pretty good. Still waiting on the grade, but I'm sure Zach did great!

I had to share the second one - I love how Perry is peeking over the edge of the table!

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