Cub Scout Camping

Last weekend we took the pack on our first camp out of the year! We usually will do one in the fall and another in the spring, and it's great fun for everyone! This time was no exception. As the families arrived tents got pitched and set up for the evening. Since Cub camping is only one night we don't plan a lot of stuff - we take a hike as a pack and then each den does something on their own.

The weather was gorgeous during the day. Perfect for having a bunch of boys outside running, playing, and enjoying the fresh air! After our pack hike, I had my Tigers collect leaves and we did some leaf rubbings. Brothers and sisters joined right in, which made me glad I had brought some pink and purple crayons! Those girls are CRAZY about the pink and purple! Games, dinner, and then the campfire. I don't care who you are there's nothing like a campfire - especially since when the sun went down the temperature started dipping!

Campfires include all the usual stuff - marshmallows (or s'mores if you're so inclined), some songs, a skit or two, and then just hanging out getting to know everyone. We, as a family, love to camp so we always have a blast!

Get out and enjoy the fall y'all!


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