It's Halloween!

Well, almost anyway. Tonight was Trunk or Treat on base. Last year it was awesome, with lines of cars, tons of games in the community center, and a hay ride. This year no games or hay ride. Boo!

Zach is not a candy eater (except for sour apple dum dums - seriously, that is THE ONLY candy he will eat!), but he loves to go trick or treating and collect items for our candy drawer. Tomorrow night he will go around the neighborhood and bring his goodies home to pass back out. I love that child!

I think the Adam Savage turned out pretty good! "Luigi" is his best friend, "Cap'n Jack" is in his class in school (the Navy guy is his brother!). He still had a good time, and then went to Scout-o-Ween, which he enjoys every year!

From Collages

Have a great Halloween y'all!

Until next time -


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