Science Night

Last night was our first Science Night at Cherryvale. It lasted a bit longer than we had anticipated, but it did end up being a lot of fun. Mr. Austin was there from Pocalla Springs Elementary and he had the kids help with a bunch of demonstrations that show how cool science is. Zach didn't get picked, but he already knows how cool science is ~ after all, he IS my 'Science Man'! Hmm, maybe that should be a new Super Hero name.....

Anyway, there were demonstrations on electricity, air flow, and surface tension. Erik and Zach participated while I took pictures. It is, after all, what I do best - stay behind the camera! They had pizza, passed out information on science fair projects, and I got to talk to his science teacher at length. I worry about a lot of subjects, but thankfully science isn't one of them, so it was a pleasant 'get to know you' type of conversation. I don't know if I've had one of those before with any of his teachers! Although the "official" science fair packet doesn't come home until December, he's already thinking about projects. It will be fun to see what he decides to do for his first science fair. He's only been talking about being in a science fair since 2nd grade!

After fun and food they passed out certificates to the 'Super Scientists' for the first nine weeks. We are very proud of Zach for getting an "A" in science! His report card comes out today and we will get to see the rest of his grades then!

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