A Cherokee Winter House - Caddick Style!

On September 30th Zach's first school project was due, his Native American Project. He chose the Cherokee Tribe and spent hours searching for information to present. Everything had to be written in cursive (he hates cursive!), so this took a little longer than I would have hoped - but he finally finished the writing portion, then it was time to make the display item. He wanted to make a Cherokee Winter House. I'm good with that, but it's almost impossible to find a decent picture of one, so we did the best we could with what we could find!

Some homemade (read: non stinky!) playdough, some hot glue, and popcicle sticks and we were finished!

Thanks to my wonderful husband, who is far more crafty and patient than I, it turned out pretty good. Still waiting on the grade, but I'm sure Zach did great!

I had to share the second one - I love how Perry is peeking over the edge of the table!

tot volgende tijd ~


  1. Looks AWESOME!!! I have always loved making things with Bry. Her mission project was by far my favorite :) Good job Caddick fam!!!

    PS I had to laugh at Perry :)


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