Scout Sunday

Almost every year since we've started scouts (that's been a lot of years!) we've participated in Scout Sunday with our pack. Since we're not huge church-goers, we don't mind. We've been to Baptist Church (twice), Presbyterian Church (once), but this year we got to go to the Church that's near and dear to my heart - Catholic Church.  

The Mass has changed a little bit (but I still say "And also with you"), but it felt wonderful to be back there. I felt comfortable as soon as I walked in, and I honestly can't say that  about all the other churches.

Zach behaved wonderfully, and yes, Erik even participated. I think what surprised me the most was how many Catholics we actually have in our groups of Boy/Cub Scouts. I knew a couple were 'good' Catholics and a couple (myself included) were lapsed Catholics, but there were a lot more "good" than I thought. So I'm glad I asked about doing Scout Sunday at Catholic Church this year.

The boy enjoyed it so much he said "that couldn't have taken an hour.", when it went over a little. And he will probably always call it 'the kneeling church'. But I think I could get him to go, even if Erik won't. Especially since there's an 11 o'clock Mass. Um yeah, cuz I'm not up for getting up super early!

 The only thing I wish I had done was take pictures of my boys. They looked so handsome in their uniforms!

Until next time ~ Kris


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