Merry Christmas

Now that everyone is bed I can take some time to share our holiday.

It started way too early 6 am and I'm proud to say I didn't nap at all today.  I thought about it really hard, but I didn't!

I think Zach was happy with his presents.  

And after he got all that cool new stuff he decided to do 'animal battles' with all his stuffed animals.  None of them he got today!

And let this be a lesson to all the ladies out there - tell your husband exactly what you want!  Take pictures even - I did!!  My man rocks!!!

Yes, I know, I'm a dork - but I really really got what I wanted!

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and enjoyed time together.

And that's....Life on Planet Caddick


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    so glad you got everything you wanted!!! Merry Christmas!

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