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And now 

Meeeeeet Gina!!

Gina is another of my IRL friends who blogs.  I picked her today because she actually posted something yesterday and I thought I'd keep the pressure on!  Her blog is about fiber - no - not the kind you eat, but the kind you make on a spinning wheel.  While I know nothing about that (at all, wouldn't even try to fake that!) it's super cool (and apparently requires some patience ~ which I'm always out of!).  Her blog is called For the love of....

How did I meet Gina?  At work of course!  She was my sponsor when I PCS'ed from Rhein Main to McClellan.  She was supposed to pick me up at the airport, but was away for the weekend with her (then and thankfully no more) husband.  Instead she sent one James Rice to pick me up.  I have (finally) forgiven her for that!!  We were a small office of Transportation people in a unit of Communication people.  Annoying.  Oh, and we worked for a guy who was a Nazi.  And I don't mean that in the "oh I'm a grammar Nazi" kind of way - I mean that he literally idolized Hitler and though that fantastic piece of crap had it right.  Needless to say, our small office of outcasts was NOT a happy place to work.  Yeah, correct me if I wrong Gina - I'm betting I'm not though....

Ah, in spite of the snub at the airport and the crappy work environment Gina and I did become friends.  Good conquered evil - women beat the men -

One the funniest things (to me) that happened to Gina - when the admin clerk was hitting on her.  OK more like obsessing on her.  Because I love G I'll leave it at that.

The last time I saw G was when Erik and I were stationed at Luke.  She's from AZ so she came to visit her family and called me.  She had just bought a purple PT Cruiser and LOVED that thing.  My purple Cavalier very closely matched it.  Interesting fact - even though Erik and I have been married for almost 15 years G (and D, her husband) have never met Erik.  Oh, and now that I think about it, Zach either.  Sad, reality of military life sometimes.  (BTW - Erik was, of course, deployed during that visit - it wasn't like he was being rude or anything....)

Gina and her awesome man Duane live in Nebraska.  I didn't see that coming - I don't think she did either......

I'm proud to count Gina among my handful of actual female friends.  She's an awesome person who was probably born a century too late (and I mean that in a good way!).

And that’s ~ Life on Planet Caddick


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