Back to School

Or trying at least. I’ve been working on getting enrolled in USC Sumter (that’s the University of South Carolina) and then I will take classes provided by USC Upstate to get my teaching degree. It’s been a long hard road thus far though.

During my AF career I went to five or six different colleges. Usually one class here or there depending on where I was stationed, so getting transcripts was a freakin’ nightmare. But they are all present and accounted for – so I was officially accepted into the school.

Really? I spent my entire life in the public school system and then the Air Force. Now the school is telling me I’m short an MMR shot. Let me say it again, REALLY? So, being the good monkey that I am, I went and got my second MMR. Shots all present and accounted for.

UGH The thing that is frustrating me the most. There is a one day ALL DAY orientation and registration process. It happens four days before classes start. FOUR DAYS. First, I’m not going to be hanging out having coffee with these people, I just want to go to my classes and come home and take care of my family. But no – I have to go hang out with a bunch of people I don’t care about to hopefully get into the classes I need at the times I want – FOUR DAYS before the semester starts.

So, I’m all ready to go, except that I’m not enrolled in classes and won’t be until next year.

We’ll see how that works out…..

And that's ~ Life on Planet Caddick


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