30 Random Things

About a month ago one of my FB friends tagged me to do a "30 Random Things About Me" thing.  It was hard.  It was fun.  I thought I'd share with you guys...

1.  I would love to live in Honduras, Mexico, or someplace like that.
2.  As much as I don't like SC, I don't like moving more, so I guess we'll stay here.
3.  I regret every day that I put Zach back into school.
4.  Every picture of Zach, from 2 weeks to 1 year, was taken by my awesome friend Jen.     Every.  Single.  One.
5.  I miss my mom every single day.
6.  I miss my sister every single day.
7.  Someday me and my man are going to spend a week in Hawaii.  Maybe two!
8.  I was born in IL, but consider myself from Michigan.
9.  In second grade I went to three different schools because my dad got transferred.
10.  Chicago is my favorite city in the USA.
11.  If Erik wanted to go back to his homeland I would go and never look back.
12.  I don't miss being in the Air Force - everyone said I would but they lied.
13.  My favorite song is Running with the Devil.
14.  My favorite album is Dark Side of the Moon.
15.  Erik says Chris Daughtry is my boyfriend - he's a funny man.
16.  I once had a Lt. ask me who was more important - my Commander in Chief or my son.  It took me a full minute to realize she was serious. 
17.  I have decided I like NASCAR - I still haven't picked a driver yet, but I'm partial to Mark Martin.
18.  You don't have to be blood related to be family.
19.  So, I Married an Axe Murderer and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure are my two favorite movies. 
20.  I can't stand Nicolas Sparks.
21.  I love all those 'ghosty' shows like Paranormal State, Ghost Adventures, etc.
22.  My favorite channel is Investigation Discovery - they show all the murder shows.
23.  The first episode of CSI I watched after having Zach was one where a baby named Zach was killed.  Talk about a huge cryfest that night!
24.  I'm going to miss Jack Bauer saving the world.
25.  Once I had a mini van - I traded it for my car and now I wish I still had that mini van.
26.  I have 5 nieces, 8 nephews, 2 grand nieces, 2 grand nephews and one more grand nephew on the way.
27.  My older sister has four kids and my younger sister has five.  That's why I only had one!!
28.  Erik and I don't go to the movies.  The last movie we saw was Interview with a Vampire.  That's no lie.
29.  I consider myself Catholic, but the last time I was in Church was Midnight Mass last Christmas Eve.
30.  I've actually lived in West Germany.  I was there before, during, and after the fall of The Wall.

And that's


  1. I read this before and I love it well, all except number 20 ;)


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