Today Meet..

Today I'm highlighting Jessica over at The Lowe Family News

I honestly can't remember how I came across her blog
but I'm glad I did

She makes puke and potty training not only interesting
but incredibly hi-stare-i-cal

She also does a Tuesday Link Up called
"What's on my phone"
She started it because "it's my blog and I can"

See what I mean?
You gotta meet this girl
If you already know her in blog world *awesome*
If you already know her in the real world *jealous*

And now here is my contribution to 

We got some new furniture four days before Christmas!
It includes all the standard stuff - 
a couch

a recliner

and a loveseat!
The bonus of this picture is it includes the three men who mean the most to me ~ My Daddy, My Husband, and My Son
A rare photographic opportunity

If everything works out this is where I will start classes on January 10th
yes, as usual, lame pictures abound on my phone!

This year I talked Zach into decorating the plain sugar cookies for Santa ~ 
I felt he needed a change and thankfully, Zach agreed
I also talked Erik into KFC because I was lazy and didn't want to cook

What should have been another rare photographic opportunity
*Zach reading*
but my stupid phone made a noise and he looked up
so did Erik, while eating
Happy Times

And proof that my niece Emma really belongs in this family
I think there are pictures from every generation with our mouths open showing our food
cuz we're classy like that
She's celebrating her first birthday 

Don't forget to link up and have fun!

And that's ~ Life on Planet Caddick


  1. Oooh the new furniture looks comfy! And your neice is adorable... food and all ;) LOL!

  2. LOVE your pictures!! Glad you were super excited about Christmas... :)



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