Winter Wonderland 2010

Last Friday Zach's school had a winter wonderland festival.  I helped decorate, which is how I ended up with the glue gun bisters!  But I wanted to share some pictures of how it all turned out in the end.

Zachs Snowman1

A peek down the hall that's finally finished

My Hall

I had to make some of these and they were very hard for me - not so much for the 4th grader who was trying to learn me in the ways of 3D snowflake making.  I will not be asked back next year to help with those!

I helped make these

No Winter Fest would be complete without this guy:

The Grinch

O.K. I guess maybe this one too....

School Decorations

Zach had fun.  Sang some songs, played some games, and did all the winter festival things that needed to be done.  Erik and I had a good time too.

Until next time ~ Kris


  1. The hallway looks great! I bet anything you get asked to head up the crew next year :)


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