All About Spelling

Well, I received the All About Spelling program the other day.  I ordered level one and when I opened it I was kind of scared that I ordered too easy a level for my son.  It's so very basic that I got scared.  But then tonight I spelled the word bug (because I didn't want DS to freak out - but in retrospect he should be able to spell that word) and he couldn't tell me the sound of the U so I guess it was a good choice overall.

Also, my DH is requiring me to test the boy at the end of the year (not a requirement in SC, but one of his requirements to let me homeschool) so I needed a basis.  Now DS did take some kind of PACE or other SC state test at the end of the school year, but he is not taking that test next year, so I ordered the 1st grade CAT test from Seton (I'll add it to my links).  We took the test and sent it back, so now when I test him next year I have the base for the same test he will be taking.  The test was $25 and that includes scoring.  Check it out.


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