Let the Journey Begin!

We start homeschooling this month.  I officially picked the 28th but since DS is chomping at the bit to "do something" we may start earlier.

We are a family of three humans, three cats.  DS is starting 2nd grade.  I had a hard time picking curricula, but finally (mostly) decided on Catholic Heritage Curricula (www.chcweb.com) with some other stuff thrown in.

We are going to try notebooking our continent study I found a continent notebook/ebook ( I will have to look up where and get back to you on that!)  Since DS (I guess I will eventually have to come up with a nickname for him!) isn't very creative it may be a difficult journey at first, but I hope it will be worth it in the end.

For spelling we are going to try All About Spelling.  Will let you know how that goes too.  Of course, I've probably purchased way more curricula than I need, with all the second guessing going on in my head - so we will see what exactly works for us or not.

I'm nervous, excited, and scared.  DS is excited - which is good I hope!


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