We made it to the corn maze!  OMG what fun that was!  Well worth the money and time we spent.  Now I know it is something we will have to do every year!  

Here's my beef - people who think homeschoolers are unsocialized.  "Pardon me, I don't think I heard you correctly."  We probably do more now than when CG was in 'regular school'.  Oh, and by the way, more fun stuff.  Oh, and also - he's learning how to get along with people of all ages.  Not just 30 other random children his own age.  Oh, and one more oh - we can choose the children we hang out with.  Sorry, I just don't see a bad side there.  So, in my short time that I've been homeschooling I've decided here are the ideas that bother me the most:
1. We are not socialized - covered above - bunk, as far as I'm concerned
2. We just sit around a watch TV or play video games (or whatever).  This is a blog for another day, seriously.  We work our butts off in this house. Are there people who use the guise of homeschooling to not do school?  I'm sure there are - but for the most part all the parents I know expect a lot out of their kids and want the best for them.  OK I guess that wasn't a blog for another day.
3. All homeschoolers are fundamentalist Christians.  We are not.  A lot of homeschoolers are not.  We chose to homeschool because the public school system here is terrible and we couldn't afford private school.  I know a lot of military people who homeschool and they do so because they get transferred in the middle of a traditional school year.  Homeschooling is consistent schooling for them.
4. We don't pay taxes.  HUH?  We do pay taxes - a lot of taxes - taxes that go straight to the public school system we don't use.  Fine by me.  Take my money, but you aren't getting my son.  I also don't want any kind of credit or voucher because I don't use the public school system.  Why?  Because then you - the public school system that is already terrible might want to tell me what to teach my son.  You can't handle the kids that you are in charge of - leave mine alone.  If you can ever get your junk together and not rank 49th in country then let me know.  Until then MYOB and we will do just fine.  

Soapbox put away.

Update on the base group: the constitution is being revised.  Now, just waiting to see where it finally ends up.  Then I will decide if we can stay in the group or not.  For now we are staying and I don't think about the constitution too much.  Less stress for me and for more fun times for CG.


  1. I just wanted to point out too that just because a homeschool family is Christian doesn't mean that is the only reason they homeschool. ;)

    We are a Christian family but we don't homeschool for that reason. In fact our family has both Christian and Non-Christian friends.

    What a good list :) So very true too.


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