Embracing our Vets

This will probably be my only Embrace the Camera. In honor of Veterans Day here is a picture that shows a whole family of Vets!

This picture was taken at my retirement ceremony. From the left - Shannon (USAF), my Daddy (USN Ret), Me (USAF Ret), Erik (USAF still serving), and Scott (USAF). The kids are Zach, Austin, and Mikayla. We know military families are vets in their own way!

Happy Veteran's Day. Thanks to all who served our country honorably and to those who are still serving.


  1. love your blog post and photo.

  2. great photo---thanks to you and your family for serving our country!

  3. YAY!!! I'm so excited you did this (even if it's only once). :)

  4. love your blog post and photo.


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