2nd Annual Thanksgiving Weekend Camping Trip

As many of you know, we spent our Thanksgiving camping. Last year we went with our friends Chad and Nicole to the Charlotte area and it was cold and nasty!

Being the gluttons for punishment that we are - we decided to try again this year! For 2010 we decided to head south though. See, we can learn from our mistakes! We headed down to the Beaufort area for this years excursion. Here's a recap of the 'Caddick/Olexa 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Weekend Camping Trip'!

We arrived on Wednesday and set up camp. O.K. I use the term "camp" loosely - both our families have very large tents and screen rooms. We only consider it 'roughing it' because we actually do sleep in tents! The weather was awesome. High 70's and sunny.

Thursday the weather was equally awesome. In the 80's and still sunny. The kids played at the playground all day. Good thing nice showers come standard at KOA! For Thanksgiving dinner we had all the goodies - Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes and gravy, green beans, and meatloaf. All cooked outside and all very yummy indeed.

Friday brought rain and cold front. It wasn't pouring rain - it was just enough to keep you from being outside. It was on and off all day too - just when you thought it was over and went back out, it started again. It did quit raining in time for us to eat dinner and have some peach cobbler (cooked by Chad in the dutch oven - it was good).

Saturday was packing up day. Tearing down is the worst part of camping. But we finally got it all down and loaded back up. Camping dishes have been rewashed in the dishwasher and now I'm doing all the smoky smelling laundry.

Enjoy the slideshow!

Until Next Time ~


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