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See, what happened was....

I was checking out some wonderful Embrace the Camera posts from last week and happened upon this blog where this funny lady named Jessica realized we all have weird pictures on our phones. Anyway, she decided to start doing a Tuesday link up where you post (and blog - obviously) about the pictures in your phone. I decided this seemed like fun (mainly because unlike Embrace the Camera - I don't have to be in these pictures!), so here it is, my first 'What's on Kris' Phone'!

So, one day I really needed a little black cardigan. Really, really bad. I was searching through my closet thinking "I need to get some sweaters" when I happened upon an actual black cardigan! I thought the sweater gods smiled on me that day! I took this picture to send to my friend Nicole because I figured it was hers. Guess what? It was - and now she wants it back too!!

Next up is this creepy little number. A bug of some kind. That looked weird - very weird - but I didn't want to get too close because it might jump or something. I may act like big bug killer for Zach but the reality is I hate bugs. Turned out he was already dead so I could have gotten a better picture anyway...

I've been checking out e readers. I know, everyone says 'go with the Kindle, it's the best blah blah blah'. But I decided I wanted this one instead. Because it supports the library e books, and we all know library books are fabulously free to check out! This one got sent to Erik so he would know exactly what I wanted for Christmas!

Speaking of Erik - here is my final picture for the day.
After a very L-O-N-G day at work! Shhh This is the picture that will get me in trouble and risk my wonderful e reader Christmas present!

Until next time!


  1. awwww, sooo tired! hahaha. i need to look into that e-reader for sure!

  2. I love me a good black cardigan! Good luck finding a new one! =)

  3. love mouth breathers. ihave a few in my home.

    grody bugs. i have a good story about an earwig that might made u cringe if you're ever interested.

    finders keepers on the cardi...NO WAY can she have it back. tErd.

    thanks for playing! see u next week :)

  4. That Ereader looks friggen cool! I might have to get one >.>
    lol thats what my boy looks like when hes sleeping!


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