{The Art of (mis)Communication}

It happens to anyone who actually speaks with another person. Something is said and either misunderstood or misheard. If this has never happened to you raise your hand. That's what I thought, nary a hand in the air.

Erik and I are pretty good about communicating. I learned very early in our relationship to choose my battles wisely. That's why I'm learning more about soccer, football, and NASCAR than I ever wanted to know! It's not a big deal to me. I like to save my battles for flooring, or vacations. Big things =)

So, the other day when we had the following conversation it cracked me up so much (and now I'm forcing the probably not-as-funny-as-I-think story on you!).

Me - "We're having roast and potatoes for dinner."
Erik - "That's all?"

This is one of his favorite meals. I'm confused. How could this not be enough? After over 20 years together he's got to know I'm not going to cook up a five course meal, right? Right? "He's got to be pulling my leg," I think. So I try again.

"Roast and potatoes, I thought you liked them."
"But what else are you serving?"

Hmm super confused because this is literally the last meal in the house. What else could he possibly want? I don't want to argue about dinner because after all, he's getting what I make anyway. Know what I mean?

Back in the kitchen I go with all these random thoughts going through my head before I realize what really happened.

"We're having roasted potatoes for dinner." That's what he heard.
Mystery solved.


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